Finishing Moves in Warzone 2 are simple to perform but challenging to execute correctly as strategic timing and positioning are essential.

While landing a headshot or point-blank shotgun blast are good ways to get kills, Finishing Moves are an excellent approach to add flair to one’s eliminations in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. For those unfamiliar, Finishing Moves act as a cosmetic means to permanently send an opponent to the Gulag with a killing blow. As players progress through the ranks, they will gain access to new moves such as “Hammer Meets Skull”, “Punctual Puncture” or “Slice and Easy”. Of course, these various moves offer no gameplay bonuses other than giving combatants the spectacle of their player character performing a satisfying execution on their enemy.


To perform a finishing move on an enemy i Call of Duty: Warzone 2, players must walk behind an enemy combatant and hold down input to perform a melee attack. By default, this input should be V for those playing on PC, while console players will have R3 set as their melee.

Positioning is crucial; if soldiers are too far from their target, the button press ends in a simple melee that will give away their position. Additionally, Finishing Moves do not reset.

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Performing finishing moves in Warzone 2

Performing a finishing move with a rifle on a rooftop in Warzone 2

If inexperienced players or newcomers to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 want to practice Finishing Moves on real-live combatants, so YouTuber Chris Bassett suggest you start a game in Battle Royale mode. After spawning into the plane, the plane will fly across the map in one direction.

After the aircraft reaches the border of the map, combatants will be ejected from the vehicle and land on land. Typically, those who fail to parachute from the aircraft until this point are AFK. However, Chris Bassett states that these AFK players are usually the best “practice dummies” to freely perform various finishing moves in Warzone 2.

It is useful to note that the standard control chart for the execution of Finishing moves in Warzone 2 is the same as i Modern Warfare 2. In other words, holding down V or R3 behind an enemy target will trigger the same function for both games. Suppose players want to unlock more finishing moves for more violent but visually appealing spectacles. If so, they can participate in the Battle Pass system, complete certain challenges, or purchase certain in-game microtransactions Warzone 2. All Finishing Moves, regardless of animations, will have the same controller and keyboard input.

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Source: YouTube/Chris Bassett

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