Approaching the end of their journey in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players must defeat the Pokémon League champion Geeta. While serving as a kind of compassionate mentor to trainers in the Paldea region, Geeta is as skilled in battle as she is kind. Alongside her great Pokémon, Glimmora, she continues to encourage players to give league battle their all while commanding her own team with grace and skill. Therefore, trainers will have to exercise the battle know-how as well as strategies they have acquired on their adventures through Paldea to defeat Pokémon League Champion Geeta.


When they successfully hit Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Elite Four, players can take on Champion Geeta in a league match. Unlike the Gym Leaders and Team Star Bosses of Paldea, Geeta does not specialize in just one type of Pokémon; instead, she uses different types and strategies and keeps the challengers on their toes.

Beginning with Pokémon League champion Cynthia from the Sinnoh region, this multi-type fighting style encourages players to be mindful of which Pokémon they add to their team. Defeating Champion Geeta will require a diverse team that can counter its type of weaknesses.

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What to expect from Champion Geeta

According to the Youtube channel Mixeli, Champion Geeta’s primary strategy is to rely on her Pokémon’s various abilities. With one of the best rock types in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at her side, she surprisingly doesn’t use Glimmora’s ability, Toxic Debris, which would otherwise spread Toxic Spikes around the opponent’s team. However, her Espathra’s ability, Opportunist, allows the Pokémon to raise any stat first raised by its opponent, making stat boosts a bad call for players. Furthermore, Geeta’s Kingambit is perhaps her hardest hitter and her toughest Pokémon, as its Supreme Overlord ability slightly increases its offensive stats for each of its fallen team members, backing opponents into a corner.

Champion Geeta’s team and its weaknesses

Champion Geeta and Espathra

While champion Geeta employs a great strategy, her team has several type disadvantages, the biggest of which is a 3x weakness to both Fire and Bug type moves. Additionally, her team is 2x weak to Steel, Fighting, and Ground types. Undoubtedly strong, Geeta’s Kingambit can counter even the strongest Fire types i Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with Stone Edge, but Dark and Steel type also have a 4X weakness to Fighting type. Likewise, the Master’s ace Pokémon, Glimmora, is 4X weak to Ground-type moves, like a Rock- and Poison-type. However, players can easily take advantage of these significant weaknesses in Champion Geeta’s team with the right Pokémon and super-effective moves.






Lvl. 61


Bug, Ghost, Dark

King ambit

Lvl. 61


Fire, Battle, Earth


Lvl. 61


Fire, battle, stone, steel


Lvl. 61


Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice, Poison


Lvl. 61


Grass, Electric, Bug, Ghost, Dark


Lvl. 62

Rock/Poison (Rock Tera type)

Water, Earth, Psychic, Steel

How to counter Champion Geeta’s team

Counter Strike Master Geeta

The best strategy to counter Champion Geeta’s team is to fully utilize super effective moves, with the best types for the job being Fire, Bug, Steel, Fighting and Ground. Given her team’s weaknesses, Pokémon like Volcarona, Forretress, Lucario, Scizor, and other powerful Bug-types in Scarlet & Violet would make exceptional partners in battle. In addition, each Pokémon’s dual-typing allows them to learn multiple moves, resulting in super-effective hits against most of Geeta’s team members. If players are without these Pokémon, other Fire, Steel, Fighting, and Ground types will also have an advantage over the Champion’s team.

Players should also use hold items to help their Pokémon in league play. Some items that would be particularly useful against the Champion include Charcoal, Soft Sand, Silver Powder, Scraps, and the Shell Bell. While Charcoal, Soft Sand, and Silver Powder increase the power of Fire, Ground, and Bug-type moves respectively, Leftovers and Shell Bell restore the holder’s HP each turn. Trainers can also use the Rocky Helmet i Pokemon Scarlet & Violetthat deals damage for every hit its holder takes and secured their league win.

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Source: Youtube/Mixeli

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