In Blacktail, the young protagonist Yaga will have to find and see the memories of several lost children, the first of which is the Shade of Dragoy.

IN Blacktail, players must face several bosses, one of which is the Shade of Dragoy. As Yaga searches for the lost children of the village, as well as her twin sister, she will encounter a lost spirit. This spirit will lead her through the forest and eventually be revealed as the spirit of Dragoy, whom Yaga must fight.

Blacktail is a folkloric, fantasy adventure that follows Yaga as she searches for her sister. Along the way, she is guided by an ominous voice that she previously only heard while dreaming. Now as she discovers innate powers, she must decide whether to use them to guard the forest or become a dark queen.


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Defeat Shade of Dragoy in Blacktail

Dragoy's lost memories in Blacktail

The Shade of Dragoy boss fight begins shortly after Yaga follows him, saying that he seems afraid of her. When the player enters the boss fight area, the Shade of Dragoy starts running fast in circles, too fast for Yaga to hit. The voice will tell her to look at the trees. To stop Dragoy, knock the Bobok figures out of the trees one at a time. Dragoy will pause over the figures and this will be the opportunity to hit him. Very happy to Horizon: Zero DawnYaga’s main weapon is a bow, and Dragoy will only pause for a moment, so be sure to line up the shot beforehand.

Keep doing this until the main figure of the shadow disappears and in its place the tree will start to move. At this point the voice will tell Yaga to watch out and she should move to either side. The tree will crash, forcing Yaga to move across the arena. The main objective is to shoot every glowing purple dot on the tree. However, the monkey-like Rushman enemies from Blacktail will also be unleashed at this time. It’s a good idea to have the materials to make a few brooms and have one ready. Put down a broom to distract the enemies and finish them off. There are healing plants scattered around the area should Yaga need them.

Much like in many Resident Evil boss fights, the tree’s glowing weak points are the main point for doing damage. It will be easier to hit these purple balls towards the base of the tree, so try to stay in front. The tree will fall in a pattern, hitting the ground closer and closer to the edges each time until it reaches the edge and will then make its way towards the opposite edge. More glowing weak points will appear as the battle continues. They will get closer and closer to the roots of the tree, so be careful.

Once the last glowing point is hit, Yaga will begin to experience Dragoy’s memories. There will be a cut scene, after which the player must control a part of it. Yaga will be a goat in this scene and the player can make the goat jump, run or tumble. This section of the Blacktail looks like a Metroidvania as it is a side-scrolling mini-game. Try to collect as many Shelloks as possible while jumping over or ramming all obstacles and enemies. The player will lose the characters by getting hit, but it will not end the stage or kill the buck. Shellocks will be used after the match is over.

Once the scene is over, the boss fight is over. Yaga gets a new mask and trades the Shelloks family with a morale boost in both directions. She must then take the new mask back to the cabin and place it on the statue upstairs. This will unlock new abilities. Keep exploring Blacktail with upgraded powers to continue searching for lost spirits and finding Yaga’s sister.

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