Hades forces players to fight many deadly enemies throughout, but its final boss is the toughest. This guide shows players how to beat Hades.

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To hit Hades’ final boss Hades, players must bring their most powerful weapons and best gifts. The Hades boss fight has two phases that don’t differ much from each other. However, players should still be careful with Hades and keep their distance. The best way to beat Hades is to learn his pattern and use specific weapons and special attacks.

Each of Hades’ attacks is designed to take as much health from Zagreus as possible and send him home. Additionally, players are technically forced to beat Hades twice during the Hades’ final boss fight as his health regenerates after being eliminated the first time. Just like all the other bosses fight in Hadesthe best way to take down Hades himself is by understanding his attacks and when to counterattack.


Looking for a quick visual guide on how to beat Hades’ final boss fight? Watch the YouTube video from It’s Ay here, which lists many different methods to beat Hades consistently!

This is by far the hardest boss fight in Hadesbut it is certainly possible to complete with a little memorization and skill.

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Hades Final Boss Fight: Phase 1

The beginning of the final battle of Hades against Hades himself, with Zagreus and Hades standing in a field in the snow

The trick to the first stage of Hades’ final boss fight is to keep your distance from Hades and try to hit him with ranged attacks or those that keep the player out of range of his spin attack. If he tries to use his Cast Attack (detailed below) players can hide behind one of the many pillars in the area or deflect it back at him with one of Artemis’ Boons.

Hades Boss Attack

Explanations and tips


Hades will randomly disappear and spawn somewhere else on the map. This makes him hard to track and will remove any negative status effects he has picked up. Keep moving constantly and find him as quickly as possible.


This is why Zagreus needs to move after Hades is gone – often Hades will attack with a quick dash and try to stab players with his spear. Don’t be caught off guard!

Spin attack

Hades will spin in a circle with his spear. Don’t come close.

Cast Attack

This attack is very similar to Zagreu’s own casting attack. If it hits, it applies Boiling Blood, which deals damage over time, and will also detach from Zagreus before exploding.

Enemy Spawn

Hades will spawn bombers and witches when his health drops significantly. It is recommended to focus on Hades as much as possible and only attack the alien enemies if they cause major problems.

Keep moving to bring Hades down. Once his health bar is depleted, don’t get complacent and think it’s endgame Hades. Phase 2 is about to begin.

Hades Final Boss Fight: Phase 2

An image of Hades sitting in a chair and typing in the Hades video game

The second phase of Hades’ boss fight adds two new attacks to Hades’ lineup, but he is more than capable of using his other attacks as well. The two new attacks are:

Soul vase

Several vases will appear on the map, which can be destroyed by both Hades and Zagreus. The vases spawn ghostly hands that will grab Zagreus and stun him for a moment, so it’s best to get rid of them quickly.


Hades will stop moving and fire several massive lasers that spin around him. The only way to avoid this attack is by ducking behind a pillar.

Players just need to keep moving and duck behind a pillar when they need to avoid damage from Hades. The best strategy to keep in mind is to use ranged attacks and make sure to bring the most powerful Godly Boons players have unlocked in Hades. Using gifts like Divine Dash, Blinding Flash, Hyper Sprint and Aphrodite’s Aid will make it easier to hit Hades’ last boss.

In addition, players can also take advantage of perks like Privileged Status, which can stack up to 40% extra damage on an enemy hit by two status effects. Because Hades can use his Vanish ability to remove these effects, it’s best to try to apply them immediately after he respawns to maximize the amount of time the damage takes.

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