Baba is the final boss of Blacktail, and the fight poses a major threat to Yaga, even with a twist to the central gameplay loop early in the fight.

The final boss of Blacktail, who has tormented Yaga and kidnapped the village children, Baba is a fearsome foe. On paper, she should be a light, immobile boss with a large glowing heart-shaped weak point that the player can shoot at. But as is typical of the adventure game, things are not that simple.

A core part of Blacktail’s gameplay is crafting arrows and collecting materials mid-fight, as Yaga has a limited inventory that runs out quickly. The problem is that there are no resource nodes in Baba’s boss arena, so the player must carefully manage their resources in a way that is strangely similar to the final boss fight. Mockery.


This limitation adds excitement and drama to the fight, but falls away after Yaga’s first death. A short cutscene will then play and Yaga will be left with full health and infinite ammo in her quiver.

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How to defeat Baba in Blacktail

Baba framed by pillars, roots and hearts in her boss fight in Blacktail

But even with the buff, this is far from an easy fight. According to the Youtube channel The Bald Man, There are three pillars located around the edge of the boss arena that will constantly spawn small low-level enemies that will swarm Yaga and kill with a thousand cuts. Besides, Blacktail’s vile blind snake worms will periodically emerge from the ground and try to take some out of Yaga. And on top of that, what looks like many boss fights from Dark souls Insert Scaleless for 9-Torg High on lifeBaba will turn a large portion of the ground into an AOE hazard, with root tentacles shooting out of the ground to deal a large amount of damage.

All these problems can be overcome. If the player is good at snap-aiming, they can use the two teleport gates on either side of the arena to move away from swarming enemies and AOE. The Serpent Worms can be killed and there are a limited amount of them too, and with a few Honey Arrows or Crystal Arrows shot at the giant skulls on the pillars, spawning will stop for a little while.

Like Sonic Frontiers Supreme Commander once Blacktail’s Baba’s at 50% health, the fight will move to phase two and again at 10%. Unlike that fight though, the only difference is that parts of the edge of the map will spray fire periodically and a few tougher skeletons will spawn. Nothing changes for the player.

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