Between the drama and twists of The Circle season 5, the Netflix series is actually doing some good by raising awareness for the hearing impaired.

Netflix is ​​making strides again, this time with The circle season 5 and its initiative to raise awareness for the hearing impaired. Mostly, The circle is the same as it has always been; contestants compete behind screens and through their social media knowledge they can win big. Season 5 has changed the format a bit with its singles twist, and the dating emphasis has been a big payoff for one contestant in particular.

Contestant Raven Sutton has been playing winning games throughout the first batch of Season 5 episodes. The participant is third generation deaf in her family and ASL is her first language. Raven has competed on the show with her interpreter Paris McTizic and has developed a blossoming romance with Season 5 contestant Marvin Achi.


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Raven Stutton and Paris McTizic educate The Circle Fans

Apart from Raven’s phenomenal performance, her appearance in the show has done a lot of good among the viewers. Reddit user u/HellhoundsAteMyBaby explained that Raven’s interactions with Paris spurred a lot of curiosity about what it’s like to be deaf. As Redditor put it, “Watching Paris and Raven actually made me look up some questions… So I actually think something good will come out of this show for viewers to educate themselves.” And commenters were quick to express their delight of the circle accessibility and others take the training even further with their own experiences with deafness.

The Circle Season 5 Progress And Netflix’s Diversity Wins

This is not the first time the series has made progress. E.g, The circle season 4 made LGBTQ+ history with its winner, Frank Grimsley. One of the greatest aspects of the show is its accessibility. The format of the competition allows almost anyone to play and win big. The show has always allowed for very diverse casts, which often sets it apart from other reality TV shows, making it seem more real in that sense. Viewers can see someone they relate to The circle with a wider pool of contestants, unlike some shows that exclusively feature non-diverse, attractive contestants.

There’s a lot to be excited about with the latest entry in this reality saga. It’s invigorating The circle season 5 has new twists, but more importantly, it’s amazing that the show goes out of its way to assemble a diverse cast of contestants—contestants who inspire those who tune in. Participants like Raven illustrate that the biggest limitations in life come from one’s own self. From the fans’ reactions, it’s clear that Raven’s appearance makes a difference. Perhaps reality TV can serve a higher purpose than just entertainment and e.g The circlecan help viewers feel included.

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