Ian McCormack is a pastor, writer and former surfer. He rose to prominence after speaking about his near-death experience. The author claims to have been stung by box jellyfish while diving off the coast of Mauritius, an African island. McCormack also claimed to have been resurrected after seeing visions of hell and paradise.

Ian’s tale attracted so much attention that it was adapted into a film, The Perfect Wave, directed by Burce Macdonald. In today’s short segment we learn more about Ian McCormack, his novels, short stories and other works.

How old is Ian McCormack?

Ian McCormack is a New Zealand author. He and Jenny Sharkey wrote many novels together, including A Glimpse of Eternity, Clinically Dead: I’ve Seen Heaven and Hell, Five Fold and many more. While the author’s exact date of birth is uncertain, he appears to be around his mid-sixties. As previously mentioned, the author achieved enormous public recognition after sharing his near-death experience through his books, interviews and films.

Ian McCormack

Ian McCormack, a passionate surfer, crossed the globe in pursuit of experiences over three decades ago. He visited the island of Mauritius, which is off the coast of Africa and is known for its excellent surfing and diving. The sea was a favorite of the former surfer. He enjoyed diving. He jumped into the water one day, but something broke his forearm. In an interview, the author characterized it as “thousands of volts of electricity.”

Ian stated that he was stung by five box jellyfish. Box jellyfish are among the most poisonous organisms on the planet. His statement reveals how he tried to stay alive on the way to hospital before being pronounced clinically dead for around 15-20 minutes. During this period he claimed to have visited Hell and Paradise before returning to tell the story.

According to the author, death was his portal to real life, and his tale continues to inspire lives across the globe by addressing some of the most profound concerns that everyone asks. His life was drastically affected as a result of the events and he became a church preacher. It should be noted that there is no evidence or testimony from medical specialists to support his statement.

Is Ian McCormack still alive and well?

Ian McCormack is indeed still alive and well. He is also actively involved in the church’s religious activities. The author’s current ministerial qualifications are with the New Zealand Assemblies of God and he is held accountable to them via the Executive Presbytery, according to his personal website.

Ian McCormack

Pastor Denis Humphreys connects the former surfer with the Executive Presbytery. He has been in full-time ministry as an ordained minister in the New Zealand Assemblies of God for about 30 years. He has worked in church planting, pastoral care, evangelism, Bible school teaching, counseling, Southeast Asian mission work and most aspects of Christian ministry. McCormack has served in some 60 countries around the globe. The pastor and his wife, Jane, claim to have been inspired by the Lord to create a church in London, UK, to help portray the fivefold ministry.

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