In December 2022, Diane McBain of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, model, actress and co-star of Elvis Presley, died in Los Angeles, where she spent most of her life. She lived to be 81 years old.

Who was Diane McBain?

As a television and print advertising model, Diane Mcbain started her career in her early teens. While performing in a play in Los Angeles, she was discovered by Warner Bros. Talent Scout and was signed as a contract performer. She made her television debut with the show Maverick. After this she did a series of TV shows and movies which showered her with positive responses.

The studio soon realized her potential and her film debut was made with Ice Palace (1960) alongside Richard Burton and Robert Ryan. During the 1960s, the actress had a busy working life, starring in various television shows and films; she also had a brief role in the Batman series.

She was known for her recurring role in Surfside 6. She died on Wednesday at the age of 81 after battling liver cancer.

Her Career Post-Warner Bros and Controversial Life Events:

After her contract with Warner Bros, she guest starred in movies like Arrest and Trail, Wendy and Me, Kraft Suspense Theater, The Man from UNCLE, etc. Some other movies were announced with her but are yet to be made.

But shortly after that, she admitted that she wasn’t getting much work saying, “We were going through a revolution in society with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War,” Nobody wanted to see beautiful people on the screen; they wanted average people.

Tragedies after Diane’s life:

In 1965, she disappeared and was later discovered to have been in San Diego with a different identity to escape and feel like Nobody from Nowhere for a while. In 1982, she was beaten, robbed and raped by two men in her West Hollywood garage while returning from a Christmas party.

The culprits were never found. This profoundly affected her life, which she later spoke about, and led her to start a second career as a rape victim counsellor.

Diane McBain Cause of Death?

Apart from the physical and mental pain she suffered due to her personal and professional struggles. She was diagnosed with liver cancer and died of her battle on December 21 at the age of 81. She was at her Motion Pictures Hollywood home when her writing partner Michael Gregg Michaud revealed her death.


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