Cobra Kai ending with season 6 and the finale Cobra Kai season will have the difficult mission to finish The Karate Kid legacy sequel show. After five seasons following Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso as well as a new generation of characters, Cobra Kai will end up with his “largest” season yet as promised by the first official teaser. Between Kreese’s return and Sekai Taikai, the stakes for Cobra Kai‘s final season could not be higher.


There aren’t many unresolved stories left Cobra Kai to revisit. With most of the rivalries settled and all the original characters fighting for the same dojo, Cobra Kai has set the stage for its final season to be unlike any previous. From the fate of the Cobra Kai dojo to who will win the Sekai Taikai, here are seven theories on how Cobra Kai will end.

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Cobra Kai Dojo is defeated at Sekai Taikai

At the end of Cobra Kai season 5, the future of the Cobra Kai dojo was a mystery. Terry Silver was arrested after his matches against Chozen and Daniel LaRusso; John Kreese is on the run, and all those Cobra Kai students left the dojo after learning that Silver paid off the referee during All Valley. That said, it’s hard to imagine Cobra Kai Season 6’s Sekai Taikai doesn’t want the Cobra Kai dojo. Cobra Kai was selected as Sekai Taikai and sensei Kim could now be the one to lead the dojo inspired by her grandfather’s techniques.

There will of course be a lot of other dojos in Sekai Taikai as it will be a global karate tournament. Cobra Kai Season 6 probably won’t be limited to Miyagi-Fan vs. Cobra Kai matches, especially with a world competition as the theme of the season. Still, the Cobra Kai dojo was the very first opponent in it The Karate Kid the universe and should therefore be final. Because Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai expansion plans fail and the Cobra Kai dojo cannot win the Sekai Taikai as that would make Cobra Kai synonymous with karate across the globe. Therefore, a solid prediction is that Cobra Kai loses Sekai Taikai.

Kreese is redeemed

John Kreese in Cobra Kai

Of the original The Karate Kid villains, John Kreese and Terry Silver are the only ones left to be redeemed. Given that Silver doesn’t see himself as evil and “just” wants to defeat anyone who stands between him and Cobra Kai dojo success, it’s hard to imagine that Terry Silver will be redeemed. Actually, Cobra Kai season 5 implied that Terry Silver is terminally ill, not to mention how Silver was ready to die against the Chozen. Even if Silver returns Cobra Kai season 6, the best option for the character is to be defeated and realize that his Cobra Kai plan will never work.

For Kreese, however, a redemption arc is far more likely. Cobra Kai season 5 almost redeemed Kreese and it had the original The Karate Kid villain confronts his failures and fears for the first time in the saga. The Kreese therapy scene deconstructed the character in a way that strongly suggests that Johnny Lawrence’s sensei will be redeemed before Cobra Kai ends, although Kreese will probably still be a villain in time Cobra Kai season 6 starts. Kreese escaped prison after apparently opening up during therapy, leaving the character’s future rather ambiguous. still, Cobra Kai cannot end without John Kreese finally being redeemed.

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Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce appears

Julie Pierce, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso

Although it may have seemed far-fetched again Cobra Kai season 1 to imagine that Mr. Miyagi’s second student Julie Pierce would ever appear on the show, Cobra Kai soon proved that no The Karate Kid cameo was beyond the series. Whereas a lot of restarts like Terminator: Dark Fate or Jurassic World trying to ignore parts of their franchise that didn’t quite work, Cobra Kai embrace The Karate Kid canon in its entirety. Big marks from all three Daniel LaRusso The Karate Kid movie has returned, and now the show is just missing a Hilary Swank Julie Pierce cameo.

It is important to remember that the 2010s The Karate Kid not considered part of the “Miyagiverse”, especially because Jackie Chan was mentioned in it Cobra Kai. Therefore, regarding The Karate Kid cameos, Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce is the only major character left to Cobra Kai to revisit. With Cobra Kai season 6 is the final season and it’s the last chance for the show to reference an important but often forgotten part of The Karate Kid universe. It is therefore Cobra Kai season 6 shouldn’t end without Swank’s Julie Pierce showing up, be it in a small cameo or in a more significant role.

Johnny leads the Cobra Kai Dojo again

Johnny, Robby, Miguel and Eli in Cobra Kai Season 5

Recent Cobra Kai seasons has put the show in a difficult situation as the Cobra Kai dojo became the “villain” again. The most interesting thing about Cobra Kai was how it flipped the perspective of the story from Daniel to Johnny and how this time it was Cobra Kai helping the “karate kid”. Thanks to Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai dojo, Miguel found the confidence he needed, just as Mr. Miyagi’s teachings were crucial to Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. Daniel was almost the villain Cobra Kai season 1 where Johnny tries to make things right for the Cobra Kai dojo and its novelty students.

But ever since Kreese returned, Cobra Kai returned to being the adversary. Johnny hasn’t been a Cobra Kai sensei since Season 2 when Kreese took over, and after Terry Silver returned, Johnny became even more distant from his original dojo. It wouldn’t make sense for a show named after the Cobra Kai dojo to end with Cobra Kai being reduced to the show’s villain to be defeated once and for all. Instead, it would be much better if Johnny goes back Cobra Kai at the end of season 6. It would do Cobra Kai go full circle when the show started with Johnny reopening Cobra Kai to help Miguel.

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Johnny and Carmen get married

Johnny and Carmen in Cobra Kai Season 5

Jonny and Carmen are expecting a baby, and things have never been better between Miguel and Robby. When all sides of this family come together, Carmen and Johnny will probably get married Cobra Kai season 6. Johnny is now on good terms with Robby’s mother, and he and Robby have also patched up their relationship. In addition, Miguel realized that Carmen was right about his father all along. It’s basically the perfect time for Johnny and Carmen to get married. Cobra Kai started as a Johnny Lawrence story, so seeing Johnny start a family at the end of season 6 is a great way to end the show.

Miguel wins the Sekai Taikai

Cobra kai season 6 miguel daniel and johnny

Sekai Taikai is what will set the tone for Cobra Kai season 6. A global karate tournament is the most logical endgame for The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai universe, the perfect culmination of a saga that began with the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. Many Cobra Kai characters could win the Sekai Taikai, and there are strong story reasons for each of them being the champion. Neither Robby nor Sam has e.g. ever won a tournament. However, Cobra Kai started with Miguel, the new karate kid, and it was through his journey that the show expanded. Therefore, Miguel should win the Sekai Taikai.

Cobra Kai ends with a Mr. Miyagi flashback

Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and Pat Morita as Mr.  Miyagi in The Karate Kid I

As fun as it is to watch Silver fight the Chozen in a fight to the death while Johnny Lawrence and Mike Barnes fight a dozen senseis, The Karate Kid the story initially thrived for its simplicity. The bond between Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi broke up The Karate Kid from similar films, where Pat Morita’s character remains a pop culture icon to this day. Mr. Miyagi’s presence is felt throughout Cobra Kaifrom direct mentions to subtle connections between the new characters and Daniel’s sensei. Cobra Kai has cleverly used Mr. Miyagi’s flashbacks before and now Cobra Kai‘s final season was to end with a Mr. Miyagi scene.

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