During the Mission at the Isle of Sgáil storyline in Hitman: Freelancer, players are able to secure a Silenced Pistol for stealth kills against enemies.

The almost roguelike experience of Hitman: Freelancer follows the epilogue Hitman III, where players are now able to approach four different campaigns with strategic planning to quickly and efficiently find items such as the powerful Silenced Pistol when going after specific objectives. Centered around Syndicate enemy bases, players of this expansion can build their arsenal through trial and error during these single-player missions, including one that places them near a part of the North Atlantic called the Isle of Sgáil. A Silenced Pistol is hidden under the base, allowing players to add to their arsenal of equipment for the future.


While the map may be familiar to players who have indulged in The world of murder for Agent 47 and Hitman 3s various updates that grab the posed gun quickly begins at the upper part of the Syndicate’s castle. The specific campaign this takes place in is called “The wise,” has the fastest path for players to follow towards the desired weapon unlike other campaigns. However, players should immediately take the guise of a top-ranked guard before venturing beyond said starting point, as this insurance allows them to explore the area without being questioned by the inhabitants. In addition, you prevent later questioning if you take care to hide the guard’s body. It also gives the player a powerful firearm should they need to shoot their way out of a sticky situation to avoid total failure of Hitman 3different challenges.

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How to quickly find a silent gun in Hitman: Freelancer

Hitman: Freelancer Isle of Sgail Map For Campaign Mission from Hitman 3

According to the Youtube channel Strontium Wolf, the side tower of the castle past the art exhibits on the main floor hosts the next step in this process for Agent 47, as players can either use their newfound weapon to force open the door to this location or wait for another guard to come by. The key tool to grab at this location is a Shovelbut players can also use their plan formulated to include a supply decline in this storage space to give them an extra item that could help them towards their goal later.

Way below this section of Hitman 3‘s Gothic level, the main gathering of people is past the wine cellar, which players travel through as they descend to the lower parts of the castle. Once again, using their disguise, the players must move past first entrance close to the harbourwalks past two guards along a path leading to one locked door leads into an underground tunnel. A small storage shed below this area has a window that players can use to infiltrate, giving them access to another possible supply drop and a the crow that can be used to open the gate without much noise.

A woman on the phone remains the only person in this room, but she could become the source alerting everyone on the map to Agent 47’s presence if not dealt with quickly. A quick strike from the aforementioned shovel immediately mitigates this potential threat. One of Hitman 3‘s best weapon is buried under the sand here, as players can once again use the shovel to dig in the silent gun Hitman: Freelancer as a quick tool of assassination for the rest of the mission.

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Source: YouTube/Strontium Wolf

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