• Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt in The Witcher series was phenomenal, leaving a lasting impact on the character and the show.
  • Cavill’s best moments as Geralt include his final battle in season 3, his emotional scenes with Ciri, and his romantic moments with Yennefer.
  • The iconic bath scene, epic battle in Blaviken, and heartbreaking loss against Vilgefortz were standout moments that showcased Cavill’s acting skills as Geralt.

Henry Cavill’s days as Geralt in The Witcher are over, and he truly had some phenomenal moments on the Netflix series. The already beloved character needed to be treated with care as he was brought to the screen, and Cavill’s love for the Witcher franchise ensured that this happened. From his first fight scenes to his chemistry with the actors that play his on-screen family, the first live-action Geralt left his mark on The Witcher in a way that will be very difficult to beat.

Of course, as The Witcher goes into season 4, a new actor has taken over the role of Geralt of Rivia. Liam Hemsworth will have the onerous responsibility of following in Cavill’s footsteps, and fans are unlikely to cut him much slack if it doesn’t go entirely right. Still, it’s important to remember that not all of Cavill’s scenes in The Witcher seasons 1 through 3 were created equal. Though the actor’s performance was overall stellar, some moments stood out more than others—with one scene in particular solidified as Cavill’s best moment as Geralt.

10 Henry Cavill’s Final Battle As Geralt Of Rivia


Geralt’s final scene of The Witcher season 3 was bittersweet since it was already common knowledge that it would be Cavill’s last. Thankfully, the showrunners of The Witcher ensured that the actor went out with a bang. Some of Geralt’s best moments in the Netflix series are those in which he fights several enemies at once, so it’s no surprise that a massive choreographed battle filled the final moments of Cavill’s Geralt. This was an effective way to send the actor off, but since it was so clear that this was what the show’s writers were doing, it made the season finale of The Witcher less immersive.

9 Ciri & Geralt Hunt The Aeschna


Ciri spent a good deal of The Witcher seasons 2 and 3 learning to fight monsters and enemies with a mix of Witcher and mage skills. She has certainly turned into a force to be reckoned with, and this is seen in Geralt’s willingness to back off and let his daughter hunt and take down the Aeshna in season 3. Though Cavill’s Geralt did help, the best part of the actor’s performance was his facial expressions and careful movements as he watched Ciri with pride. He was there to support her, but it was clear that this was her game. In all, this perfectly summed up their unique relationship.

8 Geralt’s Battle To Save The Hedgehog


Perhaps the most critical moment in Geralt’s story in Netflix’s The Witcher is the visit to Cintra with Jaskier in season 1. Though he didn’t know it, the evening he spent at Queen Calanthe’s court would set his destiny in motion in a way that would resonate through the Continent. It was here that Geralt met Pavetta and Duny, Ciri’s parents. He saved Duny’s life, unknowingly leading to his curse being broken, and called for the Law of Surprise—thus bonding himself to Ciri. Everything from Cavill’s exciting duel to his exclamation of “f*ck” when he realized Pavetta was pregnant was simply perfect.

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7 Geralt & Yennefer Protecting A Dragon In The Witcher Season 1


Another duo whose fates were bound in The Witcher is Geralt and Yennefer, and season 1 did a great job of setting this up. At one point, they were on a mission together to find a slay a dragon but wound up protecting him instead. Of course, it was immediately after this that Yennefer learned about Geralt’s wish, and they frustratingly went their separate ways. Still, in the moments leading up to their separation, they were a powerful force. They fought together, a visually striking combination of magic and melee combat, and shared in a dramatic slow-motion kiss. It was an excellent representation of the couple, and the actors are a big part of why it worked so well.

6 Geralt & His Happy Family


After The Witcher season 2 saw Geralt and Yennefer at odds and barely around one another, it was good to see this changed in season 3. The pair finally had a small moment of domestic bliss as they took turns training Ciri, prepared and enjoyed meals as a family, and did a whole lot of laughing. This was when Yennefer began to consider Ciri to be a daughter in The Witcher, but the scenes were especially touching for Geralt, who was typically more gruff than sentimental. The scenes were in montage form, so Cavill couldn’t express his joy with dialogue. It was all in his facial expressions, something that was no problem for Cavill’s acting chops.

5 Saying Goodbye To Roach In The Witcher Season 2


Roach’s death was a sad moment in The Witcher, but not altogether unexpected. Geralt has lived for centuries, so he can’t possibly have the same “Roach” for his entire life. This made the mare’s death a necessary evil since he had already had this particular horse longer than should have been possible. Still, Cavill reportedly (via Polygon) wanted to ensure Roach got the sendoff she deserved. He was given permission by the series’ showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, to come up with Geralt’s final words to his trusty steed. The result was a heart-wrenching scene, entirely to Cavill’s credit.

4 Geralt & Yennefer’s Romance On The Mountain


Though Geralt and Yennefer shared several tender moments in The Witcher season 3, similar scenes were far and few between back in season 1. However, while on their journey up the mountain in search of a dragon, the pair shared a romantic evening in Yennefer’s enchanted tent. In all, this scene was enough to make anyone swoon, but it was Cavill’s expression the morning after that really landed. The actor captured Geralt’s love for Yennefer in his performance, and it was one of the first truly happy smiles we saw from the character. In all, it was a soft scene for The Witcher, but deeply important to the character.

3 Henry Cavill’s Famous Geralt Bath Scene

The Witcher season 1 Geralt in a bathtub

The bath scene in The Witcher season 1 might have seemed like nothing to a casual viewer, but for fans of the video games and books, it was immediately iconic. Since Geralt is always on adventures in the various adaptation of his story, there are few moments that he can kick back and get clean. This has become something of an inside joke within the fandom, and as a proud member, Cavill knew this. Since Geralt’s first bath (a demand from Jaskier), the character has been shown taking a bath only a few more times—each feeling like a bit of a wink to audiences.

2 Geralt’s Fight (& Loss) With Vilgefortz


Cavill’s Geralt came out on top of every fight in The Witcher—that is, until his match with Vildefortz. The mage was of an entirely different level, and Geralt was horribly unprepared for him. Still, it was a badass moment. In fact, it was one of Cavill’s best. The character’s desperation to protect Ciri, combined with the bewilderment that he was being defeated was all wrapped up within Cavill’s performance without him having to say a word. Then, there was nothing more heartbreaking than to see the Witcher broken on the ground.

1 The Butcher of Blaviken – Henry Cavill’s First Epic Battle


Cavill’s Geralt was seen in combat dozens of times throughout The Witcher‘s first three seasons, but none ever quite added up to the battle in Blaviken. It was here that audiences really saw what Cavill was made of. His power and aggression while butchering Renfri’s men were simply terrifying, while his face still emoted just how much he didn’t want to kill any of these people. The depressing cherry on top was his fight with Renfri herself, followed by the disgust of the community he had saved. Ultimately, it’s a shame that Cavill’s Geralt is no more, but we can at least be grateful that it was he that starred in this powerful and pivotal The Witcher scene.

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