In it Grand Theft Auto game, players can get involved with all kinds of random characters, and sometimes it’s worth the investment. These extra missions can give the player a much-needed break from the tension of the main story. In the best cases of random missions, the player can leave with a genuine sense of satisfaction.

Starting in Grand Theft Auto 4, at certain points in the story various side missions will become available. Known as random missions in GTA 4 and strangers and freaks in GTA 5, these missions are given by characters that are usually completely redundant to the story. A lot of the time they come from people the main characters don’t even know. Sometimes the player needs to rescue them from some kind of situation, or sometimes they may simply need an errand or two for them. While GTA 6s foreign missions can learn from RDR2‘s, alien missions from the past GTA titles could also provide some inspiration.


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In GTA 5, Franklin can save his old friend Tonya’s business

Tonya Wiggins is a friend of GTA 5 main character Franklin from his youth, and although she is not as close to him as Lamar, the two get along well enough. There is a bit of awkwardness between them, with Tonya believing that Franklin has left the old neighborhood while he also believes that he is carrying a torch for her, there is no real bad blood between the two. In fact, depending on the player’s actions, Franklin could come through for her when she needs him the most.

Although Tonya grew up in the same neighborhood as Franklin, she has not been as fortunate in life as he was. While Franklin would become one of Grand Theft AutoTonya and her husband JB’s biggest criminal masterminds both struggle with addiction and poverty and are in danger of losing the towing company that has kept them afloat. Luckily, Franklin is the reliable type and he pitches in to help Tonya with a few of her towing jobs so they can keep their business. While Franklin can help tow five cars, Tonya’s business won’t be saved until Franklin buys it when it goes on the market, keeping Tonya and JB as employees.

Tonya’s mission line is one of the longest lines of alien missions in the GTA 5, and the player must pay $150,000 to purchase the tow yard for it to be truly complete. But there is still a good feeling when you help one of the main characters lend a hand to an old friend. While Franklin would achieve great things afterwards GTA 5his time helping Tonya is a good human moment for him between robberies.

Niko really helped Marnie Allen in GTA 4

Marnie Allen from Grand Theft Auto 4

IN Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko deals with a lot of unusual people in Liberty City when he’s not trying to help Roman out of the latest mess he’s gotten himself into. Marnie Allen is one of the strangers Niko encounters and she is easily one of the more pleasant ones. Although her role is small, she does a better job of getting on Niko’s good side than most.

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Niko first encounters Marnie on the streets of Liberty City, penniless and suffering from drug withdrawal. Niko quickly shows empathy, seeing her as a good child who was dealt a bad hand by life. Considering how Niko’s life was before GTA 4, it’s only natural that he would sympathize with her struggles. On their second meeting, Marnie is in trouble and Niko comes to the rescue by taking her to the train station and giving her enough money to get back home. To make matters better, a few days later, Niko receives an email from Marnie confirming that she is no longer using drugs and has enrolled in college. For once, Niko did something good without having to raise his gun.

Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto 5 retroactively ruined the ending of Marnie’s story. Instead of continuing his education, GTA 5 revealed that Marnie fell into the Epsilon Program, a cult based in Los Santos. Such GTA 5 ruined Marnie’s happy ending seems pointless as her story was wrapped up and had nothing to do with the main plot anyway. Players may be more content to ignore that part of the plot and accept an alternate main canon instead.

GTA 4’s Brian Meech sees a surprisingly positive ending and development

Brian Meech from Grand Theft Auto 4

Brian Meech is the first random character that Niko meets, and therefore the introduction to Grand Theft Auto 4s random missions as a whole. At first glance, he doesn’t seem to stand out much from most GTA characters with his crude and rude first impression. However, players who see his short questline through to the end will find a surprisingly satisfying conclusion.

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In Brian’s first appearance, he acts annoying and arrogant, mocking Niko and bragging about his money. While he is not around Grand Theft Autos worst quest giver, his first encounter is still little more than an annoyance. At least Niko gets $100 for listening to him, which keeps the meeting from being a total waste. Brian’s second appearance sees him a bit more friendly to Niko, who seeks his help in making a drug deal. However, it is Brian’s third meeting where he really shines. After working on overcoming his addiction, he apologizes to Niko for his bad first impression and tells him about how he is trying to make amends for his past mistakes. Unfortunately, things go wrong and Niko ends up having to save him, but Brian doesn’t let that dampen his positive outlook.

Brian successfully manages to reverse the first impression he makes in the game’s opening hours, ending his role as one of the most positive characters in the game. A bow like Brian’s is something there GTA 6 could take away GTA 4. His desire to look on the bright side of things even seems to rub off a bit on Niko in their final conversation. Brian is not important to GTA 4‘s plot, but he can leave a big impression on Niko and the player.

Grand Theft Auto‘s alien missions aren’t necessary for the player to beat the games, but they can be some of the best side content in the series. The fact that these characters are not connected to the overall plot gives the developers some leeway to try different approaches with them. Sometimes the strangers are in Grand Theft Auto may be some of the characters most worth helping out.

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