Ghostface plays a game of Guess Who’s The Killer in the latest creative poster for the highly anticipated horror sequel Scream 6.

Ghostface invites viewers to play a guessing game in the latest poster for Scream 6. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson revived the slasher genre with the 1996 original Scream, the first of a series of four films. In 2022, Scream franchise itself was revived with a legacy sequel that went on to become a surprise hit, grossing $140 million.

Given them Scream 5 ticket numbers, that’s no surprise Scream 6 is now on its way, as once again teased by a new poster showing the film’s cat-and-mouse game between Ghostface and the rest of the cast.

“Guess who’s the killer?” says the official Scream Twitter account that invites fans to engage in the now traditional Scream ritual to find out which character(s) might be hiding behind the Ghostface mask this time.

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Everything we know about Scream 6

Ghostface in the Bodega in Scream 6

Fans may not yet know who Ghostface is in the latest Scream movie. But they know it’s a direct sequel to the last one Screamand will bring back stars Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Jayden Ortega, Hayden Panettiere (back as Kirby after last appearing in Scream 4) and of course Courteney Cox. Joining the returning stars are new cast members Dermot Mulroney, Henry Czerny, Samara Weaving and Tony Revolori. Conspicuous by her absence is Neve Campbell, who will not be returning as Sidney Prescott after playing the character in all five previous franchise installments.

Any franchise that has been around as long as Scream will naturally be met with obsolescence concerns. Perhaps to combat it, Scream 6 makes a major change in setting, moving the action from the town of Woodsboro to the metropolis of New York. As teased in a recent Central Park theme Scream 6 poster, Ghostface thinks New York might be his kind of city.

Of course, it’s no surprise that details are being kept under wraps about the latest Scream successor. But fans have been working overtime trying to guess where the movie is going, and some of them think they’ve figured out which of the new movie’s characters will be featured in the big Scream 6 opening of the murder scene. Considering how much horror is right now in the theatrical movie landscape, there’s good reason to believe the new Scream will at least equal and likely exceed the $140 million raised Scream 5.

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