Alhaitham’s constellations in Genshin Impact give him some significant bonuses, but not all of them are worth pulling. Here are his best.

Alhaitham constellations i Genshin impact can be powerful (and, of course, Primogem intensive), but being familiar with which levels are important ahead of time can give players the advantage of knowing when to stop drawing. Alhaitham is a Dendro swordsman DPS whose kit is quite similar to Keqing’s with the difference being his Elemental Mastery (EM) focus which boosts the Dendro reactions he causes on the field.

Alhaitham’s constellations aren’t particularly good, but a few of them can provide very welcome benefits to his damage output as a main DPS. Ultimately, players must combine all constellations with Alhaitham’s best built-in Genshin impact to actually make a difference.


This guide can help players find exactly what they need in terms of constellations so they don’t end up using more Primogems than they need. Remember that, as is often the case with the 5-star Genshin impact characters, none of the early constellations are real needed to make them playable. For those who simply want to continue to expand their list, scrolling for constellations of every unit is not recommended – except perhaps extremely special scenarios like C1 Hu Tao. Always use Primogems on what is most important to you Genshin impactas they are quite a limited resource!

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Are Alhaitham’s constellations worth it in Genshin impact?

Genshin Impact's Alhaitham uses his Elemental Skill in-game inside an Akademiya chamber.

Having a C0 Alhaitham i Genshin impact is more than enough – his Constellations aren’t particularly strong as they are mostly niche bonuses that won’t affect his performance dramatically. With the exception of C3 and C5, which only increase his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst’s levels, the other constellations affect the way his abilities are executed. It is necessary to have a good team comp for Alhaitham Genshin impact for these effects to be fully utilized regardless of whether he is C0 or C6, especially since he is built around elemental reactions. Here is an overview of each of his impactful constellations:

C1 – Intuition

Alhaitham's C1 constellation

Alhaitham’s first constellation i Genshin impact is his best. This is because C1 Alhaitham reduces the cooldown of his Elemental Skill, Universality: An Elaboration on Form, by 1.2 seconds every time a projection attack hits an enemy. The effect can happen every second, meaning he can lower his skill cooldown from 18 seconds to 12 seconds. This goes well with his EM-focused build, which prioritizes his Elemental Skill for primary damage handling. A C1 Alhaitham in Genshin impact basically helps create a cycle of using his Elemental Skill in a more even rotation while also keeping his Chisel-Light Mirrors up for longer.

C2 – Debate

Alhaitham's C2 constellation.

C2 – Debate is great for players looking to further boost their Dendro reactions Genshin impact. Alhaitham’s second constellation increases his elemental mastery by 50 points for 8 seconds each time he generates a Chisel Light Mirror. It is possible to stack this effect up to four times, and it can happen after he reaches the limit of Chisel-Light Mirrors. This means that Alhaitham can significantly increase the power of the Dendro Reactions he creates. Overall, it’s a nice constellation to have, but C2 Alhaitham is by no means necessary for players looking to get him into their lineups.

C4 – Clarification

Alhaitham's C4 Constellation.

C4 is probably Alhaitham’s worst constellation, excluding the generic C3 and C5. Enlightenment increases all other party members’ elemental mastery by 30 points for 15 seconds for each chisel light mirror consumed with his burst. Additionally, each mirror consumed with the eruption and this active constellation infuses Alhaitham Genshin impact a 10% Dendro Damage bonus for 15 seconds. While these seem like significant bonuses, they are focused on a Burst build that shouldn’t be Alhaitham’s priority. Therefore, despite not being bad, C4 Alhaitham should not be a constellation that players gravitate towards.

C6 – Structuring

Alhaitham's C6 Constellation

Although Alhaitham’s C6 – Structuring is focused on his Burst, this is one of his best constellations. Texture creates a total of 3 Chisel-Light Mirrors 2 seconds after his Burst, regardless of how many Mirrors were used. This means that his biggest drawback with his Burst, which was losing his Mirrors, is gone. Additionally, Alhaitham’s attacks deal damage Genshin impact can be increased as Structuration increases his Crit Rate and Crit Damage by 10% and 70% respectively for 6 seconds if he generates Chisel-Light Mirrors after he has already reached the limit. While Structure’s focus is on Burst, the effects it generates affect how his best build works, making a full-constellation (C6) Alhaitham a beneficial asset to have in Genshin impact.

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