• Both Full House Rewind and What’s Up, Tanneritos! are Full House rewatch podcasts, but the hosts insist there is no rivalry between them.
  • Full House Rewind has a video format and features interviews with guests stars, while What’s Up, Tanneritos! focuses on audio plus special clips.
  • The hosts’ perspectives differ as Dave Coulier was an adult when Full House started, while Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber were young children.

Despite launching two simultaneous Full House rewatch podcasts, their hosts are insisting that there is no bad blood or competition between them. Uncle Joey actor, Dave Coulier just debuted Full House Rewind, which just aired its premiere episode with series creator Jeff Franklin, and is set to feature a string of other guests stars in the coming weeks. Just a few days after it aired its first episode, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber also premiered their own with How Rude, Tanneritos! podcast.

It may seem odd that there are two Full House podcasts dedicated to rewatching the show, but in an interview with People (taking place before the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike began), Sweetin and Barber clarify things by saying that there is no rivalry between them and Dave. In fact, both knew beforehand that they were launching similar things and they both decided that they are different enough to co-exist at the same time. Read her full quote below:

Sweeetin: “Dave’s is so different, too, than what ours is. His is more geared towards a video format. Ours is really audio with some clips and stuff of video. … He’s got Mr. Woodchuck on there and all this stuff. And we’re going to do his podcast. He’s going to come on and do ours. There’s no weird thing where we’re not doing each other’s shows or anything like that.”

“As being kids on the show, it’s such a different experience. I think it’s all the more content for Full House fans to love.”

Barber: “They will consume it all and love it all. And honestly, there is room at the table for all of us to be successful and to celebrate each other’s wins. That’s what I’m here to do.”

How The Two Full House Podcast Rewatches Are Very Different From Each Other

Kimmy and Stephanie in Fuller House

Fans already got an idea of how Coulier’s Full House Rewind podcast is formatted. Unlike a traditional podcast, there is also a video element to it, which means that there is a full set where he conducts his interviews. True to Joey’s character in Full House, the actor also interacts with puppets like Cosmo and even has some supposed side guest stars like Bullwinkle — both were integral parts of the original ABC sitcom. Coulier also wants fans to take part in the show, asking them to send in their opinions and thoughts on specific episodes. Sweetin and Barber’s What’s Up, Tanneritos takes on a more traditional podcast route, focusing on audio plus special clips.

The biggest difference between the shows, however, will be the hosts’ perspectives — something that Sweeting mentions in her interview. While Coulier was already a fully grown adult and a budding comic when Full House started, both Sweetin and Barber were still very young kids. The family sitcom was their first proper acting gig, and they essentially grew up in front of the camera as Stephanie and Kimmy also did in the San Francisco-set sitcom. Given this, there will be stark differences in how both shows will remember the comedy, particularly with how it impacted their lives after it ended.

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The two Full House rewatch podcasts come at a time when Sweetin and co-star, Candace Cameron-Bure are allegedly feuding. Coulier is the first person to comment on the matter, but he doesn’t delve into the details of the controversy, only maintaining that they are a family, hence conflicts are normal. In any case, it doesn’t seem that there really isn’t any problem between the hosts of the new podcasts based on Sweetin’s comments, which is a relief for many fans.

Source: People

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