That Phrases Revival will maintain an original show tradition as revealed by a new set photo. After years of being stuck in production limbo, the reboot of the Cheers spin-off is finally in its third month of filming. So although there is a lack of official information about Phrases revival, new information about it is revealed through set photos and videos, giving fans an idea of ​​what to expect from the project.

Shared on Instagram by new cast member Jess Salguiero (via u/risynn) is an image of a script confirming that Kelsey Grammer will direct an episode. Check it out below:


For context, Salguiero plays new cast member Eve. She is described as the bridge between Frasier and Freddy as they repair their relationship in the revival.

What to expect from Frasier Revival

As revealed in the photo, the episode that Grammer is directing takes place late in the season. It’s uncertain if he’ll be helming other outings on the Paramount+ show, but given his previous work on the Seattle-based series, it’s safe to expect it could be quite an emotional rollercoaster. The fact that he’s also stepping behind the camera only makes sense since, in addition to reprising his role as the twisted psychiatrist, he’s also producing Phrases revival.

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Unfortunately no original Phrases cast will appear in the series as a mainstay. That said, Grammer has confirmed that some of them have already signed on to make cameos, which is a big treat for longtime fans of the show who are still disappointed that Niles, Daphne, and Roz won’t be joining Frasier in Boston. Bebe Neuwirth’s Lilith will appear in the Paramount+ endeavor and has already filmed her scenes. Unless she comes back later this year, Grammer may not have the chance to direct her Cheers team player.

No official release date has been announced for Phrases. But with the cast and crew already at the end of filming, it’s likely that details about the premiere will be revealed soon. Perhaps a trailer could also debut then, giving viewers their first look at what the Boston-set spin-off will look like.

Source: Jess Salguiero/Instagram (via u/risynn/Save your)

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