The importance of the reboot’s new protagonist has already been debunked by the original Phrases show. Paramount+ brings Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane back to the small screen via the revival of the critically acclaimed series. A spin-off of the equally revered sitcom, Cheers, the Seattle-based series followed Frasier as he moved from Boston to the Pacific Northwest to start a new life. Returning to his hometown also meant Frasier reconnected with his father, Martin Crane and brother, Niles Crane, while also starting from scratch as a radiation therapist. After more than a decade in Seattle, Phrases ended with the character moving to the Midwest in Chicago.

Two decades since Frasier began its third arc, Grammer’s iconic character is poised to begin its fourth act. Kicking things off with another move, the Phrases revival will be set in Boston, which means its titular character will be back in his old Cheers stomping grounds. The change in setting means the reboot will feature an all-new ensemble, with Niles and Daphne not set to return, while Lilith and Roz will only have a cameo. Frasier’s adult son, Freddy, will return and have a prominent role in the project. That said, it’s arguably the most exciting cast Phrases revival is Nicholas Lyndhurst’s Alan Cornwall.

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Frasier Reboot’s Alan Cornwall is reportedly Frasier’s first friend

Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Lyndhurst in Frasier Reboot

Specific plot details about Phrases the reboot is still closely under wraps, but production on the first 10 episodes of the series has already been completed. In addition to playing its titular character, Grammer is also involved creatively, and he’s been teasing fans about what to expect from the Paramount+ effort. While he is careful not to share spoilers. Grammer names Alan as Frasier’s first friend. The idea for him was born after David Hyde Pierce turned down the invitation to return as Niles, which presented some challenges for Grammer and his team. They had to think outside the box for the premise of the series.

Grammer said Alan is inspired by the realization that Frasier never had a good friend. While he regularly hung out with the people at Cheers for about a decade he never really fit in with them. The only reason he ended up in Sam Malone’s bar was because of his relationship with Diane. When she left Boston, Frasier continued to visit the bar, but it didn’t feel like he was truly accepted for who he is. Instead, he was always made fun of for his high society tastes and behavior. If anything, he was the one who had to adjust to the rest of them.

Frasier has already contradicted Cornwall’s billing during the restart

Frasier, Niles, Daphne and Roz in the finale of Frasier

When Frasier moved to Seattle, he had to build his own circle of friends. Unlike his time in Boston, he barely visited a bar when he returned home. Instead, he visited Cafe Nervosa and various eateries in the Emerald City. Given this, it was quite difficult to mingle and meet new people. That’s why he started spending so much time with Niles. The Crane brothers were always together, so it became a recurring joke in the original Frasier show. Although they can be categorized as friends, they are brothers first and foremost. It will always be their primary connection, especially since they somehow share the responsibility of watching over Martin.

Contrary to Grammer’s statement, his character has also had friends during his time in Seattle. Frasier named them himself Phrases season 7, episode 10, “Back Talk”, which dealt with the snobbish psychiatrist brooding over how his life had turned out on his birthday. As he reflected himself, he called both Roz and Daphne his friends. This effectively debunks the idea that he never had any friends until he reconnects with Alan i Phrases revival. Frasier’s own declaration in the original sitcom diminishes the need and uniqueness of Lyndhurst’s Cornwall and his relationship with Frasier.

How the Frasier reboot could fix Alan Cornwall’s character

Frasier Reboot actor Nicholas Lyndhurst tips his hat

Just because Frasier has had friends before doesn’t mean Alan will be useless in the revival. There’s one easy way to make sure he stands out from Frasier’s other friends. Based on the description of the character, Alan will also be an intellectual. He and Frasier first met in college and reunited when Crane’s eldest son. Now he’s a professor in Boston, which makes it easier for him and Frasier to hang out with each other again. Alan’s background is what separates him from Roz and Daphne as Frasier’s friends, and that should be the focus of the new Frasier show.

Alan becomes Frasier’s first friend on the same wavelength. Frasier never really fit in Cheers crowd and the only reason he befriended Daphne and Roz was because of their proximity. Had Roz not been his KACL producer and Daphne not been Marty’s housekeeper, it’s unlikely that Frasier would run into them. The closest Frasier has had to someone with similar preferences is Niles and even Lilith, but they are family. Alan, on the other hand, is a pure friend to Frasier. They were peers in college and it turned into a friendship, which means they have a lot in common.

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Why Alan Cornwall Will Be Integral to Frasier Reboot’s Success

Frasier Crane's final KACL show in Frasier Season 11

While Alan’s role in Phrases revival may be inaccurately described, there is no doubt that Lyndhurst’s character will be integral to the upcoming show. Frasier’s appeal has always depended on the people around him. On his own, he could come off as annoying and excessive. Surrounding him with a great ensemble that either highlights his great qualities or grounds him is key to ensuring he remains relatable and fun to watch. That Phrases reboot has already covered the family aspect of the series. Despite Niles’ absence and Martin’s death, the Paramount+ show will feature Frasier’s grown son, Freddy.

However, the revival must be aware that it does not fall in the same vein as its parent series. Despite his titular character, Frasier lacked focus on the Seattle-based show. By the end of it, both Niles and Martin had clear arcs, but the eldest Crane son had remained the same. Focusing on his dynamic with Alan could help in this regard, as Frasier could be more open with his thoughts and know that his friend will understand them.

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