Although there is plenty of hype for future Rockstar titles such as Grand Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 3, L.A. Noire 2 is often left out of the conversation. The original LA Noire was different in tone and content from any other Rockstar title, placing players on the side of law enforcement to solve crimes with a unique interrogation system. While new entries for Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption will almost certainly be strong titles upon their final release, LA Noire 2 shows more potential than either of them to explore new territory.


With a possible release date of 2024 for GTA 6, it’s pretty clear where Rockstar Games has focused its work. Although it is unknown for sure what the developer will pursue Grand Theft Auto 6‘s release, most bets are placed on Red Dead Redemption 3. Even the vague prospect of this release has many fans excited, but this ignores what a LA Noire the sequel could offer them in the form of a more unique gameplay style, exciting plot and alternative settings.

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LA Noire 2 could explore a new era

When players think about what there is a sequel to LA Noire would look like, many might assume it would take place in the same 1940s Los Angeles settings. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, and part of the potential of a sequel lies in the ability to move the time frame of the game. One of the best potentials L.A. Noire 2 the setting would actually be the 1970s—already the setting of many influential noir stories—springing forth a whole new generation of cultural and societal issues that have an effect on Los Angeles in the game.

Switching a game’s time period from present day has been a time-tested feature made for some of Rockstar’s fan-favorite titles, from Red Dead Redemption series dating back to the beginning of the 20th century to GTA: Vice City80s setting. Oddly enough, despite its inventive 1940s setting, LA Noire has not risen to the level of typical Rockstar game popularity. However, that doesn’t mean the series should stick to the ’40s in hopes of striking more of a chord the second time around, as a shift to the ’60s or ’70s could bring a whole new noir feel to the franchise.

At the moment it is unknown if Rockstar is planning one LA Noire sequel to begin with, but a sequel could capitalize on what made the game special in new ways. While the game’s setting itself gets a lot of credit, the game’s true depth comes from its noir styling. This tone is not seen in any other Rockstar game, and is part of why L.A. Noire 2 could do such a good job of changing the gaming landscape. There have been other interesting takes on the darker detective genre from other developers, but none seem to really capture the magic of LA Noire.

Why LA Noire 2 is already more interesting than GTA 6 & RDR3

LA Noire 2 May Use Max Payne 3 Canceled Coop Story Cole Phelps Partners Jack Kelso Rockstar Open World

Perhaps the closest another Rockstar game has come to the unique tone of LA Noire is Grand Theft Auto 4 and its troubled, morally gray protagonist Niko Bellic. However, the darker slope was abandoned GTA 5, returning to the more satirical tone found in most entries in the franchise. Though GTA 6 had rumors of an 80s setting which could have been a fun time period for fans to explore, leaks have shown that Rockstar is returning to the present once again and it doesn’t look like the modern set will have the darker tone of GTA 4.

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Red Dead Redemption instantly cemented the series as a landmark in storytelling and gameplay, but it’s arguably the game’s sequel that gave the series the hugely beloved status it holds today. Red Dead Redemption 2 improved on the foundation laid by the first game in every way, and is widely considered to be one of the best games ever made. It’s fair to assume that the same improvement could be seen in a Rockstar helmet LA Noire sequel that builds on the good things in the original and improves on its shortcomings.

Just like RDR2 is a sequel better than the original game, LA Noire could really prove himself in another post. Although the idea of ​​fairness is not a good argument for the release of a game, the fact is that Red Dead Redemption series has been given two chances to shine, and Grand Theft Auto has had a huge amount of entries where developers have been able to perfect the formula of the franchise. Vise versa LA Noire never got that chance despite its largely positive critical reception. If some Red Dead Redemption fans feel insulted by its lack of attention in relation to GTAimagine what it must be like for those who consider LA Noire a groundbreaking Rockstar effort.

LA Noire 2 has endless inspiration to draw from

Cole and Rusty in LA Noire

There is so much potential within the concept LA Noire it is left unexplored. Just like RDR2‘s fairly accurate representation of 19th century Texas, LA Noire‘s crimes were largely inspired by real-life crimes, and there’s no shortage of famous and exciting crimes in any decade that could be included in a new game. LA Noire 2 could combine this historical influence with inspiration from noir and neo-noir films from other decades – such as Robert Altman’s The long goodbyeDavid Lynch’s Blue velvetor the more comical The nice guys by Shane Black – to create something truly unique.

It is not GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 3 aren’t exciting titles – they’ll certainly do a lot for their respective franchises. But both have already received several contributions where they have had the freedom to explore new and exciting ideas, and LA Noire has not. The potential for a sequel is almost endless – L.A. Noire 2 could even dwarves RDR2‘s map and capture an entirely different generation of crime and societal problems. Given that Team Bondi – the developer behind LA Noire – has long been dissolved, it is unknown L.A. Noire 2 is in Rockstar’s future. Given the amount of potential a sequel has, though, we hope it is.

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