Movie fans have reacted to the news that JJ Abrams will make a live-action film about Hot Wheels cars.

Following the news that Mattel plans to make more toy-inspired movies after Barbiethat Star wars director revealed some brief details about his own contribution to the upcoming list of projects.

“For a long time we talked to Mattel about Hot Wheels and we couldn’t quite find the thing that clicked that made it worthy of what Hot Wheels — that title — deserved,” Abams said in a “short, uncomfortable video” , detailing the new franchise, according to The New Yorker.

“Then we came up with something … emotional and grounded and gritty.”

The film has reportedly been in development for 20 years before Dalton Leeb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson were brought on board for the yet-to-be-written script.

Reaction online has ranged from excitement to confusion. “I’m excited about it. I used to collect the #HotWheels cars when I was a kid,” wrote one Twitter user. “I’m all for this. JJ Abrams is going to give us a great hot wheels movie,” added another.

However, some have argued that Hot Wheels “doesn’t need a movie”, while another questioned why this particular one had to be “gritty”, adding: “It’s HotWheels. Just put them on a track and go.”

“Hollywood is completely bereft of ideas,” another person wrote in response to the message.

You can read some more reactions on social media below.

Meanwhile, i Barbie news, the anticipated film received a 12A rating in the UK for “moderate suggestion, brief sexual harassment”.

Barbie is set for release on July 21st in the UK, with a running time of 114 minutes. It stars Margot Robbie with Ryan Gosling as Ken.

It was recently revealed that the film is banned in Vietnam as it includes the “nine dash map” showing islands in the South China Sea as controlled by Beijing.

Elsewhere, a production designer on the film revealed that filming led to a worldwide shortage of pink paint.

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