Fear the Walking Dead is ending, shifting the focus even more to the upcoming spinoffs, which is good news for an original TWD character.

Season 8 will mark the end of Fear the Walking Deadwhich could mean good news for Morgan who has been involved The Walking Dead franchise since the beginning. The Walking Dead’s The first spinoff premiered in August 2015, detailing the early days of the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a Los Angeles family and expanding over the years. The series was announced to end after its eighth season was renewed in December 2021, with season 8 set to premiere in May 2023.


After The Walking Dead the season 8 finale went to Lennie James Fear the Walking Deadwhich portrays Morgan Jones on his journey after isolating himself from the core group of TWDs survivor. He first appeared in Fear the Walking Dead’s season 4 premiere, “What’s Your Story?” Throughout Fear the Walking Dead’s run, many wondered if the spinoff would cross over with the main series The Walking Deadand while this now seems impossible as The Walking Dead has concluded with season 11, the upcoming TWD spinoffs could create the perfect opportunity to continue some characters’ stories.

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What Fear The Walking Dead’s Ending Means For Morgan

fear the walking dead season 8 ending for morgan

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 has been confirmed to include a seven-year time jump, which could see the timeline fall alongside the continuity of The Walking Dead. This opens the door for Fear the Walking Dead characters to meet The Walking Dead’s survivors now living in the Commonwealth and other communities. The upcoming spinoffs will continue the stories of some loved ones TWD characters, so the same technique could be used for characters from Fear the Walking Deadespecially people like Madison Clarke (Kim Dickens) and Morgan.

Morgan was one of the first characters introduced in the The Walking Dead season 1 that helped Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) shortly after he woke up from his coma, so if any character from Fear the Walking Dead deserves his story to be continued, it’s Morgan. The fact that the series is coming to an end means that Morgan will be able to easily transfer to other spinoffs, maybe even be in the upcoming Rick and Michonne spinoff or in a potential reunion series. Morgan is an incredibly rich character in The Walking Dead franchise, so it would be a shame to forget him afterwards Fear the Walking Dead ends.

Morgan needs a reunion with the main Walking Dead Cast

morgan in the walking dead

Although nothing has yet been announced by AMC, rumor mills are swirling about a possible reunion series following the upcoming spinoffs of The Walking Dead have all been released. This would come after Daryl Dixon spinoff in France, The Walking Dead: Dead Citywhich will see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) adventuring in Manhattan, and the long-awaited series that will reunite Rick and Michonne after their departure from The Walking Dead. A reunion for all The Walking Dead’s characters will be the perfect way to end the series once and for all, and it would be a shame if Morgan wasn’t included.

Morgan started his TWD career with Rick Grimes, and spent a lot of time with the core group of survivors between seasons 6 and 8. His bonds and relationships with characters like Carol (Melissa McBride) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) deserve a payoff in The Walking Dead’s future, and since both of these characters now reside in the Commonwealth in high-level positions, the only way this will happen is with a reunion. Morgan and Rick will also see their story completed together, so the end of Fear the Walking Dead could be the best move for the character.

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