Former NU’EST member Hwang Min-hyun is gearing up to make his solo debut this year.

Earlier today (January 20), Pledis Entertainment announced it to South Korean press the idol actor is currently preparing to release new solo music, scheduled for release in February. Other details, such as a title for the upcoming project and a specific release date, are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

With this, Hwang is set to be the third NU’EST member to go solo — following Baekho with ‘Absolute Zero’ in October 2022 and Kim Jong-hyun (formerly JR) with ‘MERIDIEM’ in November 2022.

The news of Hwang’s upcoming solo debut was first announced at the ‘2022 HYBE Briefing with the Community’, which took place via YouTube live stream in November 2022. At the time, Pledis Entertainment revealed that the singer was preparing for a solo debut, but did so. did not provide a tentative date for Hwang’s upcoming solo project.

Ahead of his upcoming solo debut, Hwang released ‘Again’ in September 2022. The track was released as the third part of ‘Votiz’, a music project by composer and vocal coach Seo Joon-sik, and also featured lyrics by South Korean R&B singer Colde.

‘Again’ also marked Hwang’s first musical release since NU’EST’s disbandment. The group disbanded in March 2022 after the release of their last album ‘Needle and Bubble’. That record, led by the title track ‘Spring, Again’, celebrated their tenth and final year together.

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