Exclusive: Michael Emerson teases Evil season 4’s Leland storyline details, including his agenda to raise the infant Demon King seen in season 3.

With the newest chapter now in production, Michael Emerson teases what’s to come from Leland’s story Evil season 4. Emerson’s character has served as the main antagonist throughout the Paramount+ horror show’s run, acting as a rival to Katja Herbers’ Dr. Kristen Bouchard and Mike Colter’s David Acosta during their investigations into various supernatural phenomena. Given Evil has also shown him toying with David’s close advisor, Sister Andrea Martin, and setting Kristen’s mother, Sheryl, on a darker path, and his power only seems to increase in future seasons of the show.


While talking exclusively with Screen Rant to discuss his Critics’ Choice Awards nomination for the show, Michael Emerson offered some insight into what’s to come from Evil season 4. Specifically looking at his own character’s arc, the star kept certain details close to his chest, but teased that Leland’s storyline would see his and Sheryl’s relationship continue to develop in a unique way, especially as he deals with the infant Demon King. See what Emerson shared below:

Well, he’s still up to his usual games, he’s got kind of an on-again, off-again partnership with Sheryl, and they’re competitive, and there’s a lot of boardroom intrigue at the demon company. So it’s a thing that happens and his overall agenda of bringing an infant Demon King into the world, so we’ll see where he goes with that.

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Will Leland’s plans succeed in Season 4?

Michael Emerson in Evil season 3

Evil season 3 seemingly ended with Leland at the height of his power, having ushered the infant Demon King into the world after plenty of terrifying visions hinted at their arrival. As the season has also seen him kidnap Kristen’s husband Andy, torture and brainwash him — all with the help of Kristen’s mother, Sheryl — he’s apparently further infiltrated his rival’s world and given him an inside track on her activities. other than that Evil season 3 explored Leland developing a relationship of sorts with Kurt Fuller’s Dr. Boggs, Kristen’s therapist, and set him on a similarly dark path as her mother, albeit one born of his own greed rather than a more ambiguous motive, potentially crumbling Kristen’s entire support system. .

With his various steps forward in his mysterious plans, the question for many has become Evil season 4 will see Leland finally succeed in his bigger sinister plans. Season 3 found him encountering a major obstacle in the form of Grace Ling, a doomsday prophet taken in by the Catholic Church who became a key target for Leland in the final episodes of the season, only for her to narrowly escape his murderous efforts, while recurring character Monsignor Matthew Korecki met his end at Leland’s hands. While his power seems to rise elsewhere, Grace’s survival may prove to help lead to Leland’s downfall heading into Evil season 4.

Could Sheryl Finally Outdo Leland in Evil Season 4?

Michael Emerson and Christine Lahti in Evil season 3

The other major challenge Leland may face as he enters Evil season 4 is that of Christine Lahtis Sheryl, who herself has been steadily rising in power in the demon company. As hinted by Emerson, the next season will see the two still fighting each other in hopes of gaining higher status with their demon manager, although Leland has successfully brought in the fledgling demon king, she will have to do something drastic to get in in the good graces of his boss. Only time will tell when Evil season 4 arrives, predicted for a late 2023 release.

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