Nicole Jimeno is known as Pedro Jimeno’s antagonistic little sister on The Family Chantel, but there is more to know about the reality TV villain.

Nicole Jimeno is known as one of the main antagonists on The Chantel family, although she has shared a lot about her personal life outside of the show. Little sister to 90 day fiance season 4 star Pedro Jimeno infamously never accepted his now ex-wife Chantel Everett, which has led to a lot of conflict between Nicole and her former sister-in-law. However, Nicole also has a less dramatic side to herself, which she shares online.

Along with Pedro, Chantel and their families, Nicole joined the cast of Chantel’s family spin-off show, The Chantel family. Nicole and her mother, Lidia Morel, ended up being cast members, often filming in the Dominican Republic. The spin-off focused mainly on the franchise couple Chantel and Pedro, but also featured the drama in DR and problems back in Atlanta with Chantel’s family. Chantel’s parents, Thomas and Karen Everett, as well as her siblings, Winter and River Everett rounded out the main cast. Nicole has always gained attention for her antagonistic ways as she never liked Chantel.


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Nicole Jimeno’s background

There has been a lot of speculation The Chantel family star Nicole, including her age. Like Chantel’s younger sister Winter, Nicole is 28 years old as of January 2023. Nicole was born on May 4, 1994, while Nicole’s older brother Pedro was born on October 3, 1991, making him three years older than her. Born in Valverde, Dominican Republic, Pedro’s sister even represented her city in the Miss Dominican Republic 2021 pageant where she made it to the top ten before being eliminated. Nicole speaks fluent Spanish, as she does on The Chantel family. Nicole is proud to be from the Dominican Republic, although it has been speculated that she will move to the United States with her mother.

Nicole Jimeno Plastic Surgery and Dating History

Nicole Jimeno and Alejandro Padron The Family Chantel

Nicole has publicly dated Alejandro Padron throughout her run The Chantel family, although she appears to have split from her on-again-off-again boyfriend. Besides her now ex-boyfriend, Nicole’s best friend was always Coraima. Morla appeared on the show a few times; however, the ladies may have had an argument afterwards The Chantel family season 4. Aside from her relationships, Nicole was very open about her plastic surgery. She had breast augmentation surgery and also had injections in her chin to sharpen her jawline. Nicole has never been one to hide her many cosmetic procedures.

What does Nicole Jimeno do for work?

Nicole has appeared 90 day fiance and The Chantel family seasons and even had her role upgraded to feature more of her relationship drama, though she has received a lot of criticism. Nicole was shown to have a traditional office job underneath The Chantel family season 4. However, she admitted that she hated work and just wanted to be rich. In addition to reality TV and her day job, Nicole, who was labeled a narcissist, showed an interest in pageants. But her pageant coach was critical of her limited skills in the field. Nicole currently has 119,000 Instagram followers, making her quite an influencer even after The Chantel family.

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