90 Day FiancĂ© alum Chantel Jimeno rose to fame on the show, and there’s plenty to learn about The Family Chantel star’s life away from TLC cameras.

Chantel Jimeno became known as the star of The Chantel familyalthough she has also appeared on 90 day fiance. The TLC sensation has now appeared in many seasons of extended 90 day fiance franchise content thanks to her marriage to Pedro Jimeno and their subsequent divorce in 2022. While Chantel shares a lot on TLC, there is still more to learn about her life away from the show.

Although she first appeared on 90 day fiance season 4, Chantel is best known for The Chantel family. The TLC spin-off show was intended to focus on Chantel and Pedro’s marriage, as it had been a dramatic subject of 90 day fiance, due to problems from both their families. Pedro had problems due to Chantel’s overbearing and meddling parents, Karen and Thomas Everett. Meanwhile, Chantel had problems with Pedro’s evil mother Lidia Morel and vengeful sister, Nicole Jimeno. Chantel was then joined on the show by her younger siblings Winter and Riverknight Everett. Her older brother Royal Wylie and his wife Angenette Wylie have also appeared.


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Chantel Jimeno’s name, age, bio and hometown

Some The Chantel family viewers may be curious about how old Chantel is. The Chantel family star Chantel is 31 years old as of January 2023, as she was born on February 2, 1991. That makes her slightly older than her now ex-husband Pedro, who was born on October 3, 1991.

While she goes by the name Chantel on TLC, Chantel’s birth name is actually CeAir Chantel Wylie-Everett. It is unclear what name she uses in her personal life with friends and family. She comes from Atlanta, where she currently lives and works. She was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when she met Pedro. Chantel began improving her Spanish language skills to communicate with him and his family.

Chantel Jimeno’s Social Life and Dating History

Chantel was married to Pedro for many years. She was 25 when she met Pedro, then 24, on 90 day fiance season 4. They were then married for over five years. Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27, 2022, after he said they had been separated for a month. It is unclear when the divorce was finalized, although this appears to have happened in late 2022. Since the divorce, Chantel has not been linked to anyone new, as of January 2023. However, rapper Drake was rumored to be interested in her during the summer of 2022. Chantel often works, although she also loves to vacation, often planning girls’ trips to tropical locations .

What does Chantel Jimeno do for a living?

Chantel Jimeno probably earned good money through her appearances in 90 day fiance franchise, including her appearance as the star of the past four The Chantel family seasons. However, she also works as a trained nurse. Chantel graduated from nursing school in 2021, a process she documented The Chantel family. Her graduation was delayed by a semester because her test average was three points lower. However, she graduated a semester later. She now works long hours as a pediatric home health nurse in Atlanta. Chantel loves being a nurse and often writes about her job. The Chantel family star also has the ability to be a social media influencer as she enjoys modeling and has nearly 1 million Instagram followers.

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