90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise star Sherlon McInnis married a new woman after the show. He is divorced from Aryanna Sierra and has a new wife.

Sherlon McInnis from 90 day fiance spin off Love In Paradise: The Caribbean seasons 1 and 2 is married to a woman named Ashley after splitting with his ex, Aryanna Sierra. The 25-year-old Aryanna was six months pregnant Love in paradise season 1 with Sherlon’s child when she went to Jamaica to visit him again with her mother and sister. Aryanna wanted to figure out the K-1 visa process for Sherlon, who manages his father’s boating business and works at a resort for swingers. IN Love in paradise season 2, Aryanna welcomed their son Odin, born prematurely after an emergency C-section.


Sherlon and Aryanna’s baby was just over three pounds and suffered from a severe stomach infection, underwent hernia surgery and required four blood transfusions. However, 90 day fiance Aryanna Sierra called Odin “best accident ever” as she revealed his photos on Instagram before taking him to Jamaica to meet her father Sherlon. The third trip might also be the last for Aryanna, who found out that Sherlon was cheating on her. Sherlon admitted to receiving questionable messages from several women on texts and DMs. According to Sherlon, he also had several friends with benefits that he was not obligated to. But at the end of the season, Aryanna decided to give Sherlon a chance and he was determined to change his ways.

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90 Day Fiancé’s Sherlon McInnis reveals his new girlfriend Ashley

Sherlon McInnis Ashley 90 Day Fiancé

While traveling to the US, Aryanna recorded a confessional where she told the cameras that she hoped Sherlon could get a tourist visa and give it a chance to raise their son together in America. She was excited to see what the future holds for them,”as parents and hopefully as a couple.” Meanwhile, it was Sherlon who claimed, “We are bound because of Odin” and admitted, “I couldn’t just run away like I usually do,” because Aryanna’s pregnancy complicated things. He confirmed that he and Aryanna were not together with an Instagram post in August 2022. It had been nine months since Aryanna’s last trip to Jamaica when Sherlon shared a selfie with another woman with the hashtags, “#datenight#oillifestyle” and “#Stay humble” while not revealing the identity of his new girlfriend.

90 Day Fiancé’s Sherlon McInns marries new wife Ashley

Sherlon McInnis and Ashley 90-Day Fiancé

As per In touchSherlon and Aryanna had a back and forth conversation after the date night photo where she commented, “he can go on dates with the $$$$ he made on tv but he hasn’t seen his son in weeks or spent ANY money on Odin.Sherlon claimed that Aryanna had blocked him after commenting on the post. In December 2020, Aryanna confirmed that she cut all ties with her son’s father, Sherlon. “We don’t see or talk to him because he refused to send $40 a month for Odin from the $20,000 (US) he earned,Aryanna added in her Instagram stories. On December 15, it was Sherlon who shockingly announced that he was married. Sherlon posted three photos from the ceremony with the caption, “#gift#mr& mrs McInnis#islandthing#.” Wearing a navy blue tuxedo, Sherlon lovingly embraced his new wife in one of the photos. In another photo, the newlyweds showed off their sparkling rings.

90 Day Fiancé’s Aryanna calls out Sherlon’s wife Ashley on Instagram

Aryanna Sierra From 90 Day Fiancé

While Sherlon hasn’t tagged his wife anywhere on Instagram, he does follow a private account called @ashley_azuquita_meagan, where the profile name reads Ashley McInnis. Also, Aryanna recently posted and deleted a screenshot of a DM she received from Ashley. The Jamaican woman seems to have sent a nasty message to Aryanna. Aryanna shared the messages, saw her 90 day fiance fans could read them and added, “When do you think Sherlon’s wife will stop making fake accounts and leave us alone?After accusing Sherlon’s wife of harassing her on social media, Aryanna also stated that she does not want either Sherlon or his new wife to “ever” be around Odin.

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Source: Aryanna Sierra/Instagram, Sherlon McInnis/Instagram, In touch

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