90 Day Fiancé featured Jovi Dufren, known for his toothy grin and interesting jobs. There is much to learn about the globe-trotting Nola man.

Although Yara Zaya thought so 90 day fiance‘s Jovi Dufren’s bouquet of roses was insufficient in the introductory season 8 trailer, his big smile has captured hearts and it’s time to share some information about him. As one of six Americans looking for a happy romance with an international partner, Jovi captivated on TLC. He was interesting because of his bad boy behavior, not to mention his unique job. There’s a lot to learn about Yara’s husband, who couldn’t wait to show her his native Louisiana.


While Jovi’s mother remained concerned that Yara would accept his outdoor hobbies, he appeared to be doing his best to impress his Ukrainian fiancée in the first episode of the season. The introductory trailer for 90 day fiance season 8 showed Jovi, 33, and Yara, 27, on a bumpy ride, though their journey ultimately led to marriage. Jovi found it difficult to let go of his “party boy” image, and drank whiskey at 8:50. The New Orleans man made Yara shed lots of tears. Despite clearly not being ready for marriage, 90 day fiance viewers saw Jovi being the perfect fiance during the season. He got her flowers and set up an apartment for them to live in.

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Who is 90 day fiance Jovi Dufren

Jovi, born on January 21, 1990, told the story of how he met Yara in the premiere episode of 90 day fiance season 8. The camo-loving Jovi said that while he loves the vibe of bustling New Orleans, he grew up in the Bayou, in a small town called Larose, Louisiana. “It is basically a swamp and marshland“, Jovi shared.

Being on boats is in Jovi’s blood as he spent his summers on shrimp boats. Therefore, as he grew up, it was a natural choice to start a career in underwater robotics. As per StarsOffline, after graduating from South Lafourche High School in 2008, Jovi worked as an ROV supervisor at C-innovation. The job gave him the opportunity to travel all over the world, and he has ticked 60 countries off his bucket list so far.

How 90-Day Fiance’s Yara and Jovi Met

After getting bored on such a trip, 90 day fiance‘s Jovi met Ukraine’s Yara online while using a travel app. Jovi, who loves beaches, diving and traveling, had a lot in common with Yara, whom he eventually met and reunited with in Budapest. During the next six months, when Jovi had some free time, they were young 90 day fiance couple vacationed in the Dominican Republic, Bali, and Yara’s native Ukraine, until they realized Yara was pregnant. Jovi let go of his fear that Yara would use him for a Green Card and suggested it 90 day fiance‘s Yara underwater, and applied for her K-1 visa. Unfortunately, after that, she had a miscarriage.

While Jovi was a little hesitant to start a new life in the US, he still decided to go ahead with his original plan, which was to be with Yara. The couple married in February 2020 and welcomed a daughter, Mylah, in September of that year. They have recently appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?and keep fans updated on their lives on social media.

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I am such a very simple person. A little fishing here and there. Drink a few beers and that’s it,” Jovi further confessed 90 day fiance. His Instagram once showed off Jovi‘s “parties too much” attitude. Now he comes out as a family man. Not surprisingly, Yara appears in 90 day fiance star’s feed, and he also adds cute photos of their daughter. Perhaps, despite some initial turbulence, Jovi and Yara’s reality TV journey has reached its destination.

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