Too Hot To Handle Season 4 stars Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici broke up after the show and Jawahir is finally opening up about their relationship.

That Too hot to handle season 4 the cast are now allowed to discuss their relationship and Jawahir Khalifa has finally broken his silence about his now ended romance with Nick Kici. People who saw the latest THTH rate learned that there would be no Season 4 reunion, although Netflix confirmed the couples’ relationship status on December 28. The streaming platform also allowed them to discuss their relationship. This led to Jawahir speaking freely about his time with Nick, their dynamic on the show and their breakup in the months that followed.


Nick and Too hot to handle‘s Jawahir walked away with the remaining prize pool of $89,000. In a 6-1 vote, they were deemed the winners, and top house couple Sebastian Melrose and Kayla Richart. Jawahir was tempted by American Shawn Wells after first being attracted to American Nigel Jones. The American Nick, however, only had eyes for the Dutch knockout Jawahir. Jawahir and Nick developed a sweet and emotional connection that saw them open up and be vulnerable in what came across as a raw and genuine romance. This led to many viewers rooting for Nick and Jawahir to succeed as a couple in real life.

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Jawahir Khalifa spills details on Nick Kici relationship

Jawahir certainly said some interesting things when she sat down with Elite daily for her first post-show print interview. THTH season 4 star Jawahir spoke about his time on THTH with Nick, “I felt so comfortable around him and he didn’t judge me.“She admitted that she was the one who tried to get Nick to break the rules, although they also spent a lot of time discussing their future. They revealed little things about themselves as they got closer while filming.

Jawahir revealed to the publication that after filming, she and Nick traveled to Bali before moving to London together. In England they lived as a couple. She then traveled with him to Detroit over the summer to meet his family on the Fourth of July.

Jawahir Khalifa discusses the future with Nick Kici

Nick jawahir is too hot to handle season 4 sitting outside puttingts

There was talk that they had split, and it is true that Nick and THTH the winner Jawahir is no longer together. “That gate will always be open for him because he will always have a special place in my heart. In the year I spent with him, I got to know myself better while also falling in love with the world around me next to the boy I fell in love with. I was so lucky. still is,THTH season 4 winner Jawahir told Elite daily. She added that she was “very close to” to Nick, confirming the possibility of getting back together with him. Meanwhile, Jawahir made it clear that she and Shawn are just friends, even as they explored a possible romantic connection.

Are things sour between THTH Duo Jawahir and Nick?

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Nick Kici & Jawahir Khalifa sit outside with a straight face

While Jawahir seemed to have nothing but love for her Too hot to handle ex-boyfriend Nick during his interview, fans suspect things have since soured. Jawahir revealed in the official Netflix YouTube update that she was devastated by her split as she had truly fallen in love with Nick. She had decided to spend her remaining 20s single after Too hot to handle season 4. Meanwhile, Nick appears moody and cryptic on social media. Therefore, the chance of Too hot to handle Reuniting alums Nick and Jawahir appear to have slimmed down ever since her interview.

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