Everything everywhere at once appears at first glance to be an action film about saving the multiverse, the visual spectacle contains several thematic layers that make it true Everything everywhere at once means incredibly deep. The film tells the story of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh – who won a Golden Globe for her performance), a middle-aged Chinese-American woman who runs a failed laundry with her husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan). At the same time, Everything everywhere at once sees Evelyn being audited by the IRS and fails to connect with and fully accept her daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu).


Everything everywhere at once was directed by swiss army man the duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (collectively known as Daniels). The pair wove fantasy, comedy, family drama and sci-fi Everything everywhere at once, which means it has an increasingly absurd, charming and amusing plot around the depressed villain Jobu Tupaki. The film also uses Evelyn’s own struggle to find fulfillment in her unexciting life, and it is here that much of Everything everywhere at once meaning can be found. Here is the real meaning of Everything everywhere at once explained.

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The deeper meaning behind everything everywhere at once

Although never explicitly stated, Everything everywhere at once suggests that what makes life meaningful is the realization that because there is no inherent meaning, all things and moments are equally meaningful. It turns out that Jobu Tupaki (a variant of Evelyn’s daughter Joy) doesn’t want to kill Evelyn, but was just looking for another person who can shift through the multiverse, largely in hopes of a different perspective to make sense or find a meaning in the whole. Everything everywhere at once is very thoughtful in its treatment of nihilism and depression, and it never provides an explicit answer to the problem of meaninglessness in an infinite universe. Instead, Everything everywhere at once‘s opinion reveals itself as a long-standing argument that the only meaning to be found in life may be the people in it, and therefore the solution is to be present in each and every moment.

Why everything everywhere at once is absurdly funny

Everything everywhere Everything at once Michelle Yeoh

Everything everywhere at once is best explained through its comedic scenes, as these drive home its point with its absurdist style and messages. Absurdism as a philosophy accepts the lack of meaning in the world and defies it by embracing life anyway. In short, if nothing has meaning, everything is as meaningful as anything else. The crazy Everything everywhere is not just a multiversal action comedy, but a deeply personal family drama. The multiversal ornaments are solid pieces meant to highlight the true message – family, love and finding joy in one’s life is all that matters. With the film released right before the MCUp Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthis inevitably drew comparisons between Everything everywhere at once and Marvel’s multiverse. Inadvertently, the film also highlighted how easily the MCU has scratched the surface of such a deeply promising concept at the beginning of its Multiverse Saga.

Ultimately this movie is a fresh mix of genres. Part action, part comedy, part drama, part think piece, but the message never gets lost in the mix – the real meaning of Everything everywhere at once is clear enough to be understood. What Daniels accomplished with Everything everywhere at once conveys his opinion without having to express it. Yet there is an even deeper layer Everything everywhere at once‘s significance when examined in light of its low-budget production.

The deeper cinematic message in everything everywhere at once

Michelle Yeoh in Everything, Everywhere All At Once (2022)

Beyond the Absurdism, Everything everywhere at once is proof that it is possible to deliver a visually complex, sumptuous, layered and energetic story on a very minimal budget. In fact, a large part of Everything everywhere at once release hype is the fact that the special effects team that knocked it out of the park consists of just five people – who taught themselves how to make the film’s effects through YouTube tutorials. It is a film driven by stories where the timing is so close Doctor Strange 2 that even longtime Marvel viewers couldn’t help but realize how much better the MCU should be. Everything everywhere at onces significance in terms of being a commentary on Hollywood is a tightly worded message about how storytelling beats big budgets any day – and not just in terms of delivering compelling cinema, but also when it comes to box office success.

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Impressive, while Everything everywhere at once $25 million budget and box office receipts of around $100 million are pocket change for entities like Marvel and Disney, it’s still a massive and unprecedented success, proving that blockbusters don’t always need six-figure budgets. Also, with A-listers like Michelle Yeoh signing on for the low-budget production, the film further shattering the illusion that Hollywood’s future is in big-budget movies. Indeed, it is undeniable Everything everywhere at once shook up the film industry (for the better) in more ways than one.

What everything everywhere at once instructors say about the real meaning

Everything everywhere Everything at once fight with bagel

Everything everywhere at once directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have also weighed in on the discussion about their runaway hit film. In a previous interview, Daniels revealed how they came up with the concept and plot for the film, as well as the philosophy behind it Everything everywhere at once multiverse. When Kwan first proposed his multiverse idea to Scheinert, the latter explained how he hated the multiverse for making him feel nihilistic thoughts. However, Kwan fired back with a compromise that practically sums it up Everything everywhere at onces meaning as understood by most audiences. During an interview with Daniels, here’s what Kwan said to Scheinert (via Radio Times) regarding the latter’s concern about the meaninglessness of the multiverse:

“Let’s make a movie that’s nihilistic and acknowledges it!” Then it just bounced back and forth until we’re like, ‘Oh, the multiverse is the perfect metaphor for what it feels like to be alive right now.’ If we can explore all our neuroses and fears through the multiverse, we might learn something about ourselves. And so that was it, we’re just chasing questions when we make movies – we don’t know the answers until we show it sometimes in front of an audience.”

Everything everywhere Everything at once Evelyn Wang played by Michelle Yeoh

For her role as Evelyn Wong – the central character that binds together Everything everywhere at once Significance — Michelle Yeoh took home her first Golden Globe win in 2023. Impressively, Yeoh won the 2023 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical/Comedy, edging out other formidable nominees such as The menus Anya Taylor-Joy, Babylon‘s Margot Robbie, Mrs. Harris goes to Paris‘ Lesley Manville, and Good luck to you, Leo Grandeis Emma Thompson. Everything everywhere at once, and Yeoh’s historic Golden Globe win because of it, underscores how crucial it was to have a strong and engaging lead in a film with such a complex concept and narrative.

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