With the latest release of Genshin impact Version 3.4, another number of new recipes have been added to the game. Although not all fans pay too much attention to the cooking aspects Genshin impact, these new recipes should appeal to both die-hard players looking to get the most out of every buff and completionists looking to collect every new food item. On top of this, each new recipe in Genshin impact 3.4 should finally give players an opportunity to use new ingredients found in the updated Sumeru map, the Hadramath Desert.


To cook in Genshin impact has always been an integral part of the game, allowing players to use various ingredients found throughout Teyvat to create dishes that provide a small buff in battle. Usually, this buff either heals the player, revives a character, or increases damage, defense, or stamina. While cooking or gathering recipes isn’t necessary in the game, the buffs they provide, especially from higher quality recipes, make the fight much easier. Additionally, many achievements are tied to crafting and finding recipes, so players looking to get a few extra Primogems should keep an eye on those as well.

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Genshin impact Version 3.4 has added the following new recipes:

  • Sabz meat stew
  • Fragrant meatball
  • Ideal circumstances, Alhaitham’s specialty
  • Qingce household dish, Yaoyao’s specialty

Although four Genshin impact recipes to find may seem like a small amount, it is in line with the additions of the new updates. Players who want to cook each of the specialty foods also need Genshin impact 3.4’s newest characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, to make their special dish.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Recipe: Sabz Meat Stew & Ideal Circumstances

First, the recipe for Sabz Meat Stew can be obtained from Lambad in Sumeru City for 5,000 Mora. To prepare the stew, players will need 2x Raw Meat, 2x Snapdragon, 2x Onion and 1x Spice. While most of these ingredients are easy to obtain through hunting or gathering, in order to obtain Spice, players must process 2x Harra Fruit for 1 Spice. To create the special variation of this dish, Ideal Circumstances, players must prepare the recipe Genshin impact 3.4 signs, Alhaitham. While using Alhaitham, 20% of the cooked dishes should become ideal circumstances. Once eaten, the Sebz Meat Stew and Ideal Circumstances will provide moderate healing during combat.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Recipe: Fragrant Meatballs

Spiced Meat Balls Genshin Impact 3.4 Recipe

For the recipe for fragrant meatballs in Genshin impact, players can again find it in Sumeru City from Lambad in his tavern for 5,000 Mora. For ingredients, the Meatballs will require 2x Wheat, 2x Onion, and 2x Spice, all of which can be purchased in major cities throughout the Sumeru region. The recipe also requires 3x Mysterious Meat, a new ingredient Genshin impact Version 3.4. To obtain this meat, players must hunt Flying Serpents, which can be found in Genshin Impact’s newest addition, the desert of Hadramath. When eaten, the fragrant meatballs will provide moderate healing, much like the Sabz Meat Stew.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Recipe: Qince household dish

Qince Household Dish Genshin Impact 3.4 Recipe

The last recipe is the special dish of Genshin impact 3.4 grade Yaoyao, called Qince the household bowl. For its basic recipe, the dish uses Qince Stir Fry, which can be purchased from Ms. Bai in Qince Village, Liyue. To prepare this meal, players must collect 3 x Mushrooms, 2 x Lotus Head, 1 x Jueyun Chili, and 1 x Cabbage, all of which can be easily collected throughout Liyue or purchased at Liyue Port. This dish, when eaten, will increase the ATK of the entire party by a fixed amount for 300 seconds. As with Alhaitham’s special dish, when Yaoyao is used to cook Qince Stir Fry, 20% of the time it will become a Qince household dish and give even more ATK to the party.

While many players may overlook recipes and write them off as unimportant, others relish the opportunity to expand their collection of Genshin Impact’s best food. Although the rewards and benefits seem small, crafting the recipes can be a fun outing for travelers, especially those who have recently achieved Alhaitham or Yaoyao. Regardless of the reason for crafting the recipe, these dishes will hopefully give players a lifesaving buff to see them through Genshin impact Version 3.4.

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