The selection of titles for HBO Max in February 2023 will include the continuation of hit TV shows, premieres of holiday specials and Oscar nominees. HBO Max’s January 2023 additions kicked off the new year with premieres of TV shows like The last of uswhich broke HBO records for having the highest jump in viewership for its second episode, and the original series Velma. The month also brought The menu (2022) and John Wick franchise to the platform’s library, with many more classic films and new releases coming to HBO Max in February.


In February 2023, HBO Max will host the streaming premiere of two Oscar nominees 2023: Sam Mendes’ drama Empire of Light (Feb. 7), which earned Roger Deakins a nod for Best Cinematography, and HBO Documentary Everything that breathes (February 7), which is up for Best Documentary. Also on the way to HBO Max in 2023 are the premieres of Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special (February 9) and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 10 (February 19). Subscribers can continue to stream Oscar nominees Banshees of Inisherin, Elvisand Navalnyas well as short films from the American Black Film Festival, which starts on February 1st. Here’s everything else coming to HBO Max in February 2023.

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Everything else is coming to HBO Max in February 2023

Olivia Colman in Empire of Light

February 1:

A Vigilante2018 (HBO)

Acts of revenge2017 (HBO)

Another country2022

Blair witch2016 (HBO)

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)2014 (HBO)

Blame it on Rio1984 (HBO)

Bride Wars2009 (HBO)

Bull Durham1988 (HBO)

Can hardly wait1998, (HBO)

Casino Royale2006 (HBO)

Catch me if you can2002 (HBO)

come find me 2016 (HBO)

Cooties2014 (HBO)

Diamonds are forever1971 (HBO)

Don’t play us cheap1972

Dr. No1962 (HBO)

Eighth grade2018 (HBO)

Facts: Love Off The Gridseason 1

Mad: Hungry for answers

Footless1984 (HBO)

Force majeure2014 (HBO)

Girl with a pearl earring2003 (HBO)

Golden eye1995 (HBO)

Good boy!2003 (HBO)

Gossip2000 (HBO)

Graffiti bridge1990 (HBO)

Hannibal2001 (HBO)

Heist2001 (HBO)

Upper class1956

Honeyland2019 (HBO)

Hotel for dogs2009 (HBO)

How I live now2013 (HBO)

I am angry2016 (HBO)

Just because1995 (HBO)

Live free or die hard2007 (HBO)

Luce2019 (HBO)


Mannequin Two: On the Move1991 (HBO)

Mermaids2003 (HBO)

Moonraker1979 (HBO)

Never grow old2019 (HBO)


Nothing like holidays2008 (HBO)

Squid1983 (HBO)

Own: The Great Soul Food Cook Off

Pens and pencils2022

Person to person2017 (HBO)

Plato1986 (HBO)

Quantum of Solace2008 (HBO)

Red2010 (HBO)

Scary Movie2000 (HBO)

Scary movie 22001 (HBO)

Scary movie 32003 (HBO)

Sleepy Hollow1999 (HBO)

So I married an ax murderer1993

The room is the place1974

Super bath2007

Suspect zero2004 (HBO)

swiss army man2016 (HBO)

Take this waltz2011 (HBO)

Taxi driver1976

Thanks for sharing2012 (HBO)

The art of self-defense2019 (HBO)

The best of Blaxploitation

The Crazies2010 (HBO)

The living daylights1987 (HBO)

The Man with the Golden Gun1974 (HBO)

The men staring at goats2009 (HBO)

The Mexican2001 (HBO)

The Miracle Worker1962 (HBO)

The monster2016 (HBO)

The music man1962

The show2020 (HBO)

The eyes of evil1991 (HBO)

The story of a three-day pass1967

The Terminator1984 (HBO)

The vow2012

Throw Mama off the train1987 (HBO)

Thunderball1965 (HBO)

TLC: The Culpo Sisters

Tommy boy1995 (HBO)

Tomorrow never dies1997 (HBO)

Village of the Damned1960

world War2005 (HBO)

Wayne’s World1992 (HBO)

Wayne’s world 21993 (HBO)

White bird in blizzard2014 (HBO)

You only live twice1967 (HBO)

February 2:

Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me OverMax Original Premiere

Supervillains, The Investigation (Supervillains, l’enquête), Max Original Premiere

Flordelis: A Family Crime (Flordelis: Em Nome da Mãe), Max Original Premiere

February 3:

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies2014 extended version (HBO)

February 6:

CB Strike: Troubled Blood Premiere (HBO)

February 7:

Everything that breathes2022 (HBO)

Edge of Tomorrow2014 (HBO)

Empire of Light2022 (HBO)

February 8:

Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm2022, Swimming for adults

February 9:

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day SpecialMax Original Season 3B Premiere

10th February:

Marcella Arguello: Bitch, grow up! (HBO)

February 11:

Marc Maron: From gloomy to dark (HBO)

February 12:

Puppy bowl XIX

February 14:

King Star King!/!/!/Adult Swimming

February 16:

US Women’s Soccer vs Canada, Live Sport

February 17:

Poor devilMax Original Season 1 Premiere

February 18th:

Family restaurant

February 20:

Ballmastrz: Rubicon

February 23:


To make way for the new titles on the service, several beloved films will leave HBO Max by the end of February 2023. HBO Max subscribers have until February 11 to stream Christopher Nolan’s The Black Knight trilogy, February 12 to stream Vacation (2015), and February 13 to see Fruitvale Station. Also leaving the platform on February 28 is American Psycho, Crazy rich Asians, I Am Legend, The wedding singer, When Harry met Sallyand the star-studded 2010 film Valentine’s Day.

There’s still plenty to look forward to throughout 2023 for HBO Max subscribers, as several anticipated TV premieres and movie streaming debuts are already scheduled. HBO shows it Plumbers in the White House and Perry Mason Season 2 premieres in March, with Succession season 4 scheduled to premiere in spring 2023. The idol, The Gilded Age season 2, Winning time season 2, and Fight your enthusiasm season 12 is also ready to arrive HBO Max in 2023.

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