ENHYPEN member Jay has apologized for remarks he made recently comparing Korean history to a “short novel” and saying he has “a lot to learn.”

On January 10, ENHYPEN members Sunghoon and Jay held a livestream on fan community platform Weverse, where the duo discussed their recent studies of Korean history. The former told viewers that he found the learning process “so fun” and shared that he thought “everything is recorded so well,” according to translations of Korea JoongAng Daily.

Jay then commented, “I like studying history, but it seems like there isn’t much information about Korean history.” He also claimed that the study of Korean history “ends within just a few weeks of studying or perusing”, comparing it to a “short novel”. “[History in] other countries are infinite. I have studied the histories of all kinds of countries and they never end,” said the idol.

The ENHYPEN member was later criticized online by fans and Korean netizens alike. According to Korea JoongAng Daily, some netizens wrote across various platforms, “Please don’t say anything if you don’t have proper knowledge,” as well as “If it’s so easy, you should try taking the state history test,” among other comments.

After the controversy, Jay took off ENHYPEN’s Weverse page on January 11 to issue an official apology. “After finishing Weverse Live today, I was very surprised to see the fans’ reactions,” the statement read, according to translations of Soompi. “Whatever the reason, I sincerely apologize to ENGENE [ENHYPEN’s official fanbase] for any discomfort and trouble I have caused.”

“I spoke too negatively about the important topic of Korean history based only on my own personal impression,” Jay explained. “It is not a subject I should have rashly spoken about with a lack of knowledge. Today has become an opportunity for me to realize again that I still have a lot to learn.”

The singer then concluded his statement by clarifying that he had “absolutely no intention of disregarding our proud history”. “I recognize that my words may have made others feel that way, and that is my fault. I apologize,” Jay said.

“Going forward, I want to be more careful and study more so that I can become an artist, ENGENE is not embarrassed. I always learn so much from all of you. Thank you.”

According to the annual ‘2022 HYBE Briefing with the Community’ held in November, Belift Lab shared plans for ENHYPEN to release a new album this year after the conclusion of their ongoing ‘Manifesto’ world tour. Their global trek will take them to Thailand and the Philippines later this month and early next month, respectively.

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