Full name: Emma Presler
Sex: Woman
Profession: Murderer, criminal
Country: The United States of America
Marital status: relative
Dating Austin McCalla
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Education Jersey Village High School
Sheep Bill Bagby

American Emma Presler is a murder suspect. The man who was set on fire and killed in Houston is believed to have been killed by Emma Presler, who was the prime suspect.

How much is Emma Presler net worth?

Emma Presler has no information available about her salary or net worth. In addition, her career and employment remain unknown to the media.

How was Emma Presler’s first year?

Emma’s year of birth may have been between 2001 and 2002 because she is now 19 years old. At present, however, it is unknown exactly when and where she was born.

There is no information available about her mother or siblings, only that she was born to her father Bill Bagby. She currently resides in Houston, Texas, in the United States. She also belongs to the American nationality and practices Christianity. Apart from this, nothing is known about her early life.


Educationally, she is a high school student. Her Linkedin profile indicates that she attends Jersey Village High School.

A new charge

Presler is charged with breaking into the victim’s home and setting it on fire. Graham died in the fire, and Lindros, who was important to him, was injured. At 10 o’clock on 6 August 2021, the incident occurred. Police allege a female suspect broke into the home, sprayed Graham with an unidentified chemical and set him on fire. In response to Graham’s accusations of guilt, this was said. In addition, Graham’s better half, Lindros, was set on fire and suffered 70% burns.

Caption: Emma Presler’s posters
Source: StarsXray

Before that, in September 2020, Presler was charged with murder in connection with the hit-and-run that killed 20-year-old Sierra Rhodd in Cypress, Texas. Harris County Court, however, found no strong evidence to support Presler’s alleged murder during the meeting. She was soon freed from authority. In any case, it is not known whether she was brought to trial for the murder. Later in October 2020, four people were arrested in connection with the dangerous shooting, including Presler’s girlfriend.

What is more information about Emma Presler?

Rhodd, who suffered from severe dystrophy and cerebral palsy, died in his bed on September 13, 2020. When Rhodd, 15, was involved in the altercation with members of the “10K” group, his father claimed he knew his son was the intended target of the gun shot. A Cypress home was shot repeatedly around 23:00 in September 2020. Witnesses reported seeing several cars leave the scene. The home belonged to the Rhodd family.

Multiple openings in the home’s windows can be seen in photos or videos taken at nearby locations taken while Rhodd was dozing at the time of the shooting. When the leaks came, Rhodd’s father told police he planned to see if his young daughter needed something to eat. The full scenario was then shown by him. However, he was unable to do anything.

Acknowledgments and charges

Presler was apprehended when she was seen driving a red pickup nearby, according to authorities. It turned out that the truck was registered in her boyfriend’s name.

Caption: Emma Presler charged with murder
Source: The US Sun

On September 15, 2020, Presler appeared in court. The designated authority testified that there was no legal basis for charging her. Presler was spotted driving the red pickup truck as she fled the scene, but Callen said there is no evidence she fired the gun despite Presler’s presence at the scene.

What is Emma Presler’s relationship status?

She is straight in her sexuality. She is currently dating Austin McCalla, according to her relationship status. However, regarding their relationship and love life, there is no further information. They were both detained in the dangerous shooting in October 2020, reports claim.

Social Media

As for Emma’s social media presence, none of the major networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – have her active.


How tall is Emma Presler?

like her physical features, there are no available details like her height, weight, dress size, waist size, etc. But based on her photographs, we can deduce that she has brown hair and eyes.

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