Clickers are a truly terrifying threat in The Last of Us: Part I. Players must use a combination of weapons and stealth to slay these iconic monsters.

Clickers are perhaps the most iconic enemy to exist in The Last of Us: Part I, and for good reason: their ferocity makes them a constant threat to protagonists Joel and Ellie throughout the game. Although players can safely evade them by taking advantage of the game’s stealth mechanics, Clickers pose a particular danger in crowded and cramped environments, where the slightest noise from players can send them into a killing frenzy. As they appear during Joel and Ellie’s journey, players must learn how to safely kill Clickers to ensure their survival.


Understanding TLOU‘s Cordyceps fungal infection and its many stages are essential for survival in The Last of Us: Part I. Clickers represent the third stage of infection and have faces covered in fungal plaques that effectively blind them. Clickers rely on a form of echolocation to see their surroundings instead, producing an iconic clicking sound that has stuck in players’ minds as one of the scariest video game monsters out there. As such, they can “see” players by hearing them and often react violently to unusual sounds by going berserk.

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How to Kill Clickers in The Last of Us: Part I

The Last Of Us Part I Joel aims shotgun at Clicker

The easiest way to send Clickers is from range with TLOU‘s game’s best upgraded weapon. Clickers don’t have ranged attacks, and so long players avoid shooting the cool mushroom plates upside down, they should go down with a few well-placed shots. One trick players can use in areas with many infected is to use a molotov cocktail. This can set other infected on fire, and their screams will attract any Clicker in the area. Since the Clickers are blind, they will stumble into the fire and burn to death.

The Last Of Us Part I Joel Tossing Molotov Cocktail On Frenzied Clicker

Unfortunately, players won’t always be in situations where they can take on Clickers from range. In particularly close combat encounters, stealth is the best optionalthough this may not fit The Last of Us: Part I speedrunners. Players can effectively trick Clickers by throwing bottles and bricks around the track, causing them to move and investigate these sounds. As such, a good approach for players looking to conserve ammo is to guide clickers into places where they can be grabbed from behind. Players can then stab them with a shiv for a quick and silent kill.

Of course, players can always take a risk and fight Clickers directly. Throwing a brick or bottle at a Clicker will temporarily stun them, so players can charge in and hit them with a melee weapon. Players should be careful that the noise does not attract other enemies and watch out for other clickers who may be driven crazy by the sound.

The Last Of Us Part I Joel Grippet by Frenzied Clicker
Credit: PlayStation

Beating The Last of Us: Part I requires a bit of situational awareness, and considering how often players encounter Clickers, a good tip is to always carry a shiv. Players can spend allowances on Shiv Master Perks, allowing them to stab and kill a Clicker with a shiv if caught. Usually, getting hit by a Clicker means instant death, so this gives players a quick way out if they are attacked by The Last of Us: Part I’s most notorious monster.

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