In Mission Viejo, there was a dramatic event when a driver went on a rampage in a parking lot and chased police.

The commotion started when a woman driving a black SUV was accused of seriously hitting several cars.

She also nearly ran over pedestrians crossing an office building parking lot. The driver, eventually identified as Aria Martin, is now the subject of further reading.

Aria Martin Mugshot and Car Crash

Eleven vehicles were destroyed in the parking lot after the Aria Martin car crash, while others were damaged on Chrisanta Drive.

According to Christina Patane, a witness, the driver alternated between going backwards and forwards. She seemed to be doing it on purpose and with knowledge, which seemed alarming.

Aria Martin, the 33-year-old driver (Source: Twitter)

The driver was eventually identified as 33-year-old Aria Martin by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

She was detained after a series of car accidents because it was believed that she might have been under the influence of drugs.

Aside from a few blurry photos of the stubborn driver inside the vehicle, no photos of the stubborn driver have been released yet. The non-release of her mugshots has enraged some people.

Aria Martin, the driver, was held on $25,000 bond

According to jail records, Aria Martin was being held on $25,000 bail. She was jailed for carelessly crashing into many cars, almost running over people who tried to stop her.

Around 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Martin drove a dark-colored Nissan Rogue and damaged a large portion of the parking lot on Chrisanta Drive.

Several cars were hit by a woman driving a black SUV in the incident that happened Thursday, according to video of the event that was recorded and posted on social media.

She was stopped by a few people, but one of them almost hit her as she drove towards them. Before he fled the scene, the driver must have hit at least ten other vehicles.

Aria Martin was suspected of being under the influence of drugs and driving a Nissan Rogue (Source: Tiremeetroads)

One woman, Suha Sleibi, was on the verge of being hit as she sprinted to her brand new Honda.

Sleibi’s car was damaged to the tune of thousands of dollars, so she jumped off the trail. She stated:

“I didn’t think she was going to hit me, to be honest. I thought standing there would deter her. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and she came charging at me.”

She then took off south on the 5 Freeway toward San Juan Capistrano, where she was stopped, prompting police on a short chase.

According to Orange County sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Woodroof, she reportedly resisted when officers tried to take her from the car, but eventually relented.

More about Aria Martin’s family and profession

No details about Aria Martin’s family have been released yet. The occupation of the woman in her early 30s and the release of her photos have not yet been made public.

She is charged with driving while under the influence of drugs, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal damage or destruction of property and reckless driving.

Aria Martin Car Accident – ​​Mission Viejo Parkway – Update

As for Aria Martin, who made news after causing mayhem in a parking lot, nothing has been released. The offender’s identity was kept secret, but certain media outlets have reported a new development in her case.

Aria Matin is reportedly being held on $60,000 bail. Yes, the amount has grown. However, she argued in court and pleaded not guilty. This means that on February 23 there is another hearing on her case.

Hope Martin is made to pay for her wrongdoing. She has caused a great deal of disturbance and trouble to many people; she will no doubt spend additional time in prison.

She was heard discussing the event on Mission Viejo’s Oso Parkway. Martin had difficulty being restrained by the officer, and she is also charged with resisting arrest.

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