A series of Doctor Who fan art focuses on Doctors from the classic era in portraits that give the leading Time Lord incarnations a new stylized look. The classic era of the hit BBC sci-fi series ran from 1963’s debut story “An unearthly child“to the 1989s”Survival,” where, despite an attempt to relaunch the show as a new American co-production with a TV movie in 1996, the show would seemingly come to an end for good. Across 26 seasons, the classic era of Doctor Who was led by eight actors facing Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians and rogue Time Lords.


As Doctor Who celebrating 60 years of time travel adventure, Frankiewicz has created several portraits of a handful of the Doctor’s classic incarnations as part of a month-long sci-fi drawing challenge on Instagram. Check them out below:

Through his art style, the artist has created portraits of Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor, Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor and Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor. The Doctors featured led the series from 1970 to 1989, beginning with the show’s transition to a color television format with Pertwee in 1970 until Sylvester McCoy’s final monologue in 1989.

How Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary will celebrate the classic era

As Doctor Who celebrating its 60th anniversary, the series will see many recognizable fan-favorite faces return to the series. David Tennant, who portrayed the Tenth Doctor from 2006 to 2009, will play a new fourteenth incarnation of the Doctor who is confused as to why he is wearing a face he knows at this point. Tennant will be reunited with Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble over 13 years since the pair last shared the screen, although the potential involvement of other incarnations remains a mystery.

While a TV return isn’t guaranteed for the classic era Doctors, classic Doctors will play a role in Doctor Whocelebration of the 60th anniversary. As part of the series’ Big Finish audio adventure line, former Doctors, companions, friends and monsters will be brought together for Doctor Who: Once and Future. in “Once and Future,“a mysterious injury causes the Doctor to suddenly “degenerate”, taking on the faces of their previous incarnations, with the classic era Doctors set to return alongside Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor and Tennant.

With 60 years of adventure, there’s a wide range of eras to go Doctor Who fans to enjoy, with each Doctor offering their own unique tones and styles. Regardless of which Doctor is a fan’s most treasured incarnation, Frankiewic’s vibrant portrait celebrates the show’s enduring legacy.

Source: Gabe Frankiewicz/Instagram

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