Dehya’s leaked talents for Genshin Impact Version 3.5 reveal a unique buff and Elemental Burst that have received mixed reactions from fans.

Players have been patiently waiting for Dehya’s playable release Genshin impact ever since she was introduced in version 3.0. HoYoVerse has officially released drip marketing for her version 3.5 release, becoming the first Pyro character to be released since Thoma in 2022. Fans have been hard at work leaking her beta build and showing off her abilities and animations.

Past Genshin impact Dehya leaks have suggested that Flame Mane will be a 5 star Pyro claymore user. As the new 5-star for Version 3.5, she will likely appear in the first phase of the update with the new 4-star Mika marking. Current information about Dehya’s abilities comes from the famously delicious Niana. All Genshin impact leaks on Dehya suggest that she can provide good buffs to her allies while dealing incredible damage during her Elemental Burst.


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Dehya’s leaked talents in Genshin Impact

Official art by Dehya from Genshin Impact

Dehyas leaked Elemental Skill Genshin impact, Molten Inferno, has two different applications based on the presence of a specialized field called Fiery Sanctum. The first is a simple AoE Pyro attack that establishes a Fiery Sanctum, while the second pops up and moves an already existing Fiery Sanctum to Dehya’s place. Elemental Skill is surprisingly similar Genshin impact Pyro supports Bennett, a fan favorite, and his Elemental Burst.

Fiery Sanctum gives several buffs based on Dehya’s Max HP. Active characters in the field have an increased resistance to interrupts and negate a portion of any DMG taken. While the field doesn’t heal like Bennett’s Elemental Burst, it can keep characters safe as they set up their attacks. Dehya’s other big leaked talent Genshin impact is her elemental outburst, the bite of the lioness. When triggered, Dehya will drop her clay pad and attack with Pyro-infused fists at a rapid pace. Her switch to martial arts, which ends in a powerful kick, strongly resembles the normal attacks of Shikanoin Heizou from Genshin impact.


One of Dehya’s famous idle animations involves her looking into a compact and adjusting her appearance, showing that her style isn’t just a result of the harsh mercenary life. However, this picturesque animation is overshadowed by some fans’ backlash to her build. Some Genshin impact fans on sites like Twitter are disappointed with how Dehya’s Genshin impact leaks fall into disliked design tropes. For example, Dehya is plagued by split scaling between HP and ATK, high Burst costs for short durations, poor ATK, and buff mechanics rendered obsolete by shields.

How Genshin Impact Fans have reacted to Dehya’s leaked scaling

Genshin Impact Dehya Pose

In response to Dehya’s leaked scaling Genshin impact, fans have expressed their disappointment online. Some answers referred to Dehya as a mid-range character that could easily be skipped. Optimistic fans suggest that Dehya’s introduction may be similar to Kuki Shinobu’s addition Genshin impact, where her build became stronger after the addition of Dendro. In this case, Dehya could work with Fontaine characters. Despite the concern, Dehya has leaked Genshin impact abilities can prove to be fun to use.

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Source: Daily Dendro/Twitter

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