Hugh Jackman just confirmed that Deadpool 3 will contain elements of time travel, which explains some things but makes the X-Men timeline more confusing.

Deadpool 3 is the long-awaited sequel to Fox’s X but universe, but it actually looks like it will make the franchise’s timeline even more confusing. The Fox X but the timeline has been the subject of many jokes due to its incomprehensibility, with the series having various resets, retcons, and time jumps. However, Hugh Jackman himself just gave away a major Deadpool 3 plot element that proves the upcoming sequel is going to double down on how complicated it is X but the timeline will be.


Deadpool even made a joke out of the confusing X but timeline, and now the movie seems to be making things worse. In an interview on Sirius XM, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman confirmed it Deadpool 3 will feature time travel, with the actor explaining that “moving around timelines” will be the means by which Marvel answers why Wolverine and Deadpool have joined the MCU. There have been many questions about how the MCU will handle Fox’s X but, where time travel is a popular theory. Now that it’s confirmed, however, the realization is Deadpool 3 will make the timeline more confusing, it finally sets in.

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Deadpool 3’s time travel will only add to X-Men timeline confusion

Deadpool 3 Wolverine hugh jackman

Initially X but the timeline was fairly simple, with the first three films all taking place in chronological order. X-Men: First Class was the first entry in the prequel series, but X-Men: Days of Future Past is where things really got messy. The film features time travel, which means that various elements in the X but the timeline was switched, but it was never really confirmed what was canon and what wasn’t. After that, Deadpool 2 featured characters from both X but timelines, while Cable’s time travel and Deadpool’s subsequent timeline change made things even more complex. However, it is nothing compared to what Deadpool 3 will do.

Deadpool 3 will contain a pre-Logan Wolverine, which means the movie will mess with the timeline before the events of Logan. Even, Deadpool 3‘s time travel elements will have the characters join the MCU, with many elements of X but the universe is undoubtedly being transformed. This will make the timeline for both Foxes X but and the MCU is more confusing since putting the two together will raise so many questions that will likely never be answered. Because it is a Deadpool movie, Deadpool 3 will most likely joke about the timeline, but that doesn’t mean it’s excused for making it more complicated.

It’s still good Deadpool 3 avoids Logan’s timeline

Hugh Jackman glowing as Wolverine in Logan

Deadpool 3 avoids Logan timeline (something Jackman reaffirmed in this interview), and that’s a good thing. While it’s fun to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine back, Logan was a perfect ending for the character, and the announcement of Wolverine’s involvement in Deadpool 3 causing many viewers to worry that the character’s conclusion would be ruined. However, to have Deadpool 3‘s Wolverine be from before the events of Logan avoids this problem by serving as a prequel to the film rather than ruining Wolverine’s masterful ending.

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