Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 lets players battle Heavensward boss Sophia. This can be used to collect weekly currency for mounts and minions.

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Completing Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal once again pits Final Fantasy XIV players against Sophia. This encounter will only be live and available for the duration of patch 6.3. There is no confirmed end date, but historical patch release windows make June or July a rough estimate.

Goddess Sophia was first introduced as part of Patch 3.4 Surrender of soul. The Unreal version is basically the level 60 encounter boosted to the new level 90 cap. This puts Unreal difficulty on par Mount Ordeals Extremeunlocked after Final Fantasy XIV Lapis Manali’s dungeon. Players who complete one will likely have enough coordination to complete the other.


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Goddess Sophia Unreal Trial

FFXIV: Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)

Like all unreal challenges, Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal can be unlocked by talking to Faux commander in Idyllshire (x: 5.7, y: 6). If this is the first time ever making Unreal content, one will also need to complete Shadowbringers search Fantastic Mr. Faux and towards the sky search Keeping up with the Aliapohs. The latter introduces Khloe and weekly Wondrous Tails, while the latter has Khloe bring in Faux Commander and limited time Final Fantasy XIV henchmen and mountains.

As with the original Final Fantasy XIV towards the sky battle, Sophia will mostly use telegraphed Thunder and Aero magic with different areas of effect. Sophia’s floating head Daughter will backfire and requires players to stay close to it to avoid falling from the arena. Sophia also uses four Alon Teleos clones that will cast Thunder either simultaneously or in sequence. The trick is to stand or move in the exact spots to avoid all the thunder and daughter.

After taking enough damage, Sophia will add Quasar, which knocks down meteors that can tip the arena. Orange meteors have a weight of one, while blue ones are three; the heavier side will always tip over. The meteors themselves explode for serious damage, so players will need to move away from them after tilt.

That Final Fantasy XIV combat then becomes a dance of moving in just the right places to avoid Alon Teleos, Daughter and Quasar in various combinations and overlaps. Players may want to constantly adjust their camera to see all sides of the arena so a mechanic doesn’t sneak up on them.

Faux Hollow’s game

FFXIV: Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)

Completing Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal has no direct drops or rewards. However, you let a game play out of that Faux caves with Faux Commander every week. During this minigame, players can reveal up to 11 tiles on a 6 x 6 grid. There are four possible solutions to this puzzle, which will yield a different amount of Final Fantasy XIV Faux Leaf currency (increased after the release of End walker):

  • Sword (2 x 3): 15 Faux Leaves and provides an opportunity to challenge Completing Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal again before the weekly reset
  • Present (2 x 2): 25 artificial leaves
  • Chest (2 x 2): 35 artificial leaves
  • Faux Commander (single square): 100 artificial leaves

Players can turn in their Faux Leaves for all sorts of prizes. The currency should be saved up to buy completely exclusive items such as Final Fantasy XIV Troll Mount, which covers 600 leaves. Many other rewards are not unique and can be purchased elsewhere, such as High level Materia and Prisms.

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