Christina Hall shared if she wants her children to follow in her and their father Tarek El Moussa’s footsteps and become a family of designers.

Christina Hall, star of Christina on the coast, as well as her new HGTV show, Christina in the countryside, shared if she wants her children to follow in her design career footsteps. Christina is the mother of three children. She has two with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa: Taylor, 12, and Brayden, 7. Her youngest son, Hudson, who is 3, is shared with her ex-husband, Ant Anstead.

In an interview with E! News promoting her newest show, Christina opened up about her kids and their roles on the show.


“They film with us maybe an hour at most, maybe once a month,” she said of their involvement in terms of filming the show. This is in reference to her two eldest children, as her son Hudson does not take part in any filming after Christina and Ant had a legal battle over him after their divorce.

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Christina’s daughter Taylor is a “natural” designer

Flip or Flops Christina Haack and Josh Hall

As for her older children, Christina said her daughter Taylor is “a natural” when it comes to design. “She’s actually really good at design, and she’s really good with the camera. It kind of scares me, but I don’t want her to do any of that for a while.” Despite being surrounded by both her parents and their careers, Christina doesn’t want there to be any pressure on her children to do what she and their father do for a living. Christina wants her kids to go to college and have a relatively normal childhood before letting them make their own decisions about whether they want to go into design or television at all.

While growing up on TV and around cameras isn’t always considered a normal childhood for most, by moving to Nashville and starting the new show, Christina and her new husband, Josh Hall, have a chance at a different life than that , they lived in Orange County. She’s not giving up the coast forever, but Christina enjoys being a country girl part of the year and giving her kids the outdoor lifestyle that comes with a little housekeeping.

Christina has had a super busy year filming Christina in the countryside, Christina by the coastand ending Flip or flop with her first husband, Tarek. The pair teamed up after recording separately, mostly, to close the show and allow her to work on the two shows she does with Josh. Josh and Christina are both executive producers of Christina in the countryside, and the couple gets a lot of say in what’s shown and what they get to keep private, which is another plus for her newest show. Hopefully, even with her busy schedule and going back and forth between the country and the coast, her children will have the opportunity to live their lives and figure out their own paths in or out of design.

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Source: E! News

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