Fast facts

Full name Chrisanne Blankenship
Family name Blank cabinet
First name Chrisanne
Nationality American
Education Schaumburg High School
profession Writer, director, producer
Relationship Alexandra Billings
Net worth $500,000 (approx.)
Up to date 2023

Chrisanne Blankenship is a well-known and highly regarded filmmaker, producer and writer from Chicago. Additionally, she is married to Alexandra Billings, an actress best known for playing Davina in the Amazon series “Transparent.”

They jointly run Schmengie Inc., a production company that specializes in portraying narratives of inclusion and diversity.

How much is Chrisanne Blankenship’s net worth?

Although the net worth of Chrisanne Blankenship is unknown to the general public, it is reported to be $500,000, comparable to American model Haley Giraldo. Her work as a director, producer and writer for various theater, film and television projects has allowed her to amass her wealth.

Producing 101 for Multihyphenates · School of Dramatic Arts · USC
Chrisanne Blankenship’s Net Worth 2023 Via

Her partner Alexandra, on the other hand, is a famous actress, singer and activist who has appeared in films and TV shows such as Transparent, Goliath and Wicked. Right now, Chrisanne Blankenship’s estimated net worth is $500,000.

Chrisanne and Alexandra are both recognized experts in their fields. They established Schmangie Productions together with the goal of producing content for marginalized individuals and their stories. With their two dogs, Lola and Lulu, they currently live in Los Angeles.

Early years and education

Illinois’s Chicago was the birthplace of Chrisanne Blankenship. Regarding her parents and siblings, she has not shared much information. However, she added that her mother was a nurse and her father was a musician. Her kind and supportive family supported her artistic endeavors while growing up.

She attended Schaumburg High School when in 1976, during a drama club meeting, she met Alexandra Billings. They shared the stage in several high school productions and grew close. Later, Chrisanne majored in drama at Columbia College Chicago, where she earned a directing degree.

How did Alexandra Billings and Chrisanne Blankenship find love and success in four decades?

Chrisanne Blankenship and Alexandra Billings have been in a long-distance relationship for more than 40 years. In Schaumburg High School’s drama club, where they performed as identical brothers in a play, is when they first got to know each other.

They developed a close bond that remained intact as Alexandra transitioned from Scott to drag queen Shante and then to Alexandra, a transgender woman.

Chrisanne Blankenship with her partner Alexandra Billings.
Chrisanne Blankenship with her partner Alexandra Billings. Via poisonwiki

Over time, their friendship developed into romance, and after Alexandra proposed, they became engaged in a restaurant in Chicago. At the Bailiwick Chicago, a theater that had witnessed their creative collaboration, they exchanged vows in 1996.

Following the completion of Alexandra’s gender confirmation surgery in 2009, they reaffirmed their vows and welcomed their son Samuel David Blankenship-Billings into their family. Also, take a look at the romantic life of American social media sensation Caryn Marjorie.

How did Alexandra Billings find her true self?

In 2009, transgender lady Alexandra Billings underwent gender confirmation surgery, which was a major turning point in her life. She had been born Scott, transformed into the amazing drag artist Shante and then into Alexandra, who really was who she was.

As the first openly transgender woman to play a trans character on television, she made history. She also actively fought against transphobia in the drag world and became a prominent supporter of LGBTQ+ issues.

She also reaffirmed her love for Chrisanne Blankenship, her companion of more than 40 years, as she celebrated her surgery. She also claimed that the surgery had not changed but rather completed her identity. She added that Chrisanne was her closest friend and true love.

How Alexandra Billings Overcame HIV and Drug Addiction and Became a Trans Advocate?

As a transgender actress and activist, Alexandra Billings overcame many difficulties in her life. In the early 1990s, she received HIV and substance abuse diagnoses. Her former partner, a sex worker, was the source of the infection. She also struggled for years with cocaine and drug addiction, and in 1995 an overdose nearly cost her her life.

Alexandra Billings is an American transgender actress.
Alexandra Billings is an American transgender actress. Via Married Wiki

She also changed her life when her wife Chrisanne Blankenship stepped in and helped her get therapy. Since then, she has lived with HIV and has used her position and voice to advocate for HIV health initiatives, trans issues and trans rights.

How did Chrisanne Blankenship support Alexandra?

Chrisanne offered several forms of assistance to Alexandra as she went through the change. Despite persistent prejudice and social stigma, she remained devoted to Alexandra and embraced her as a transsexual woman1. When Alexandra found out she had HIV, she comforted her and helped her kick her drug habit.

She also praised Alexandra for her achievements and significant moments. When Alexandra underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2009, she was happy for her and they renewed their vows together.

Together with Alexandra, she also worked on a number of theater and cinema projects, including Schmangie Productions, which tells stories about neglected people. She has spent more than 40 years as Alexandra’s companion, partner and ally.

Chrisanne Blankenship is active on social media. She and her spouse Alexandra Billings co-founded the manufacturing company Schmengie Inc., which is featured on her LinkedIn profile as Senior Vice President/COO. In addition, she monitors Schmengie Inc.’s profiles on Instagram and Twitter, highlighting their mission and work.

Last but not least, she has collaborated with Alexandra Billings on numerous galas and events centered around LGBTQ+ issues and entertainment. She has shared pictures of them on social media to demonstrate their love and support for each other as well as their respective causes.

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