As Halstead’s absence continues on Chicago PD, series star Tracy Spiridakos shares her belief that Upton will soon take off her wedding ring.

Chicago PD star Tracy Spiridakos comments on the impending end of Upton and Halstead’s marriage despite the promise that they will reunite after his temporary stint in the Army. Previously in Chicago PD season 10 Jesse Lee Soffer officially left the One Chicago series after Jay Halstead suffered an identity crisis. In an attempt to re-center himself, he made the shotgun decision to step down and lead an operation in Bolivia. While it was hard to see the tight-knit Intelligence lose another member, it was more heartbreaking to see him say goodbye to his longtime partner and new wife, Hailey Upton.


Amidst their separation, there was a promise that the pair would reunite after Halstead’s time in Bolivia, originally set at eight months. However, considering Soffer’s exit from Chicago PDit was almost impossible that this would turn out, and Spiridakos confirms this in an interview with Variety, essentially indicating that Halstead and Upton’s marriage is coming to an end and she will eventually stop wearing her wedding ring. Read her full quote below:

“She still considers herself married. I think she’ll take it off, I’m sure there will be a moment. I assume it will. I’m interested to see how it turns out. Is it a goodbye? Is it self-preservation? … I want to explore what it feels like to have been in such a raw place, and yet she’s not too open. I feel like she probably just wants to close that door for a long time. “

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Will Jay Halstead still return to Chicago PD?

Jesse Lee Soffer's Jay Halstead looks back on Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 3

Just because Halstead and Upton’s marriage is over doesn’t mean Jay can no longer return to the police procedural. Actually Suffers Chicago PD return is already set – though not to reprise his role. Instead, the actor will direct an upcoming outing expected to air sometime in 2023. Photos of Soffer back on set have already circulated, but aside from playing an episode, there’s no word on whether NBC will take the opportunity to also putting him in front of the camera as Halstead to finally resolve the character’s complicated relationship with Upton.

Despite that, this is actually a good indication of whether Soffer could possibly reprise his role as Halstead. The fact that he has maintained a good relationship with Wolf Entertainment to allow him to return as a director means that there will always be a chance that he could return to Chicago PD. For context, however, it is still unclear why Soffer left Chicago PDand there have been rumors that he was forced off the show, much like what happened with Kelli Giddish on Law and order: SVU.

What’s Next for Hailey Upton in Chicago PD?

Hailey Upton looks curious off camera

As Intelligence moves forward without Halstead, it seems that everyone has already adjusted to his absence, except for Upton. The detective continues to struggle with her new set-up, but after learning that her husband has settled for an extension in Bolivia, it’s only a matter of time before she finally lets him go, as teased by Spiridakos . Aside from the problems in her personal life, Upton’s situation is complicated by her dealings with a known sex trafficker and repeat offender on Chicago PD, Sean O’Neal. It’s still unclear how the police procedural plans to resolve their increasingly complicated dynamic, but it seems that with Halstead gone, Upton has become Voight’s right-hand man, meaning she’ll be prominent on the show more than ever.

Chicago PD Season 10 airs Wednesdays on NBC.

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Source: Variety

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