Fast facts about Cheyenne Goins

Full name: Cheyenne Goins
Date of death: August 8, 2021
Sex: Woman
Country: United States
Relationship status: single
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Nationality American
Siblings Alanna
Children 1 child

Cheyenne Goins’ dead body was found in a grave in a remote area of ​​southern Colorado, USA. She was reported missing by her family on August 12, 2021. And her body was found in Alamosa County on Saturday.

How much was the net worth of Cheyenne Goins?

Cheyenne Goins’ net worth at the time of her death is unknown.

Cheyenne Goins
Caption: Cheyenne Goins Missing Notice (Source: Facebook)

Early years, family and education

Cheyenne Goins has American citizenship because she was born in the country. However, her exact date of birth and place of birth are not listed on the online resource. In August 2021, she was 21 years old when she disappeared. According to calculations, she could have been born in the year 2000 or thereabouts.

She also shared a household with her younger sister, Alanna. Unfortunately, the public and the media are not very well informed about her family members.


Goins had a good education. However, the Internet website does not provide information about her academic credentials. She could also have dropped out of college and attended a local school in the United States.

What was Cheyenne Goin’s professional career?

There is still some uncertainty about Goin’s profession or industry. She nevertheless achieved fame after she disappeared on August 12, 2021.

Missing news

Goins’ grandparents, Jonathan and Mary Sandoval, informed the Alamosa Police Department (APD) on August 12 that their grandson Goins had not been seen for a significant amount of time and had not been in contact. Furthermore, Goins’ young son was cared for primarily by his grandparents.

She was last seen by her family on August 7, 2021, a Saturday. She was last seen at a birthday party for her son with her family. The investigation was started soon after when APD was alerted by Goins’ younger sister, Alanna, that she had received a text message from Cheyenne on August 7th at 11 p.m., in which it claimed Cheyenne took a trip to Bank Shot.

Interrogate Elias Salas

Subsequently, APD learned that Goins had joined Sasha Chacon and Lucas Salas at the “Bank Shot” at one o’clock in the morning on August 8th. The Loaf ‘n Jug, located at the intersection of Highways 17 and 160, is where it was. later revealed that Cheyenne Goins, Sasha Chacon and Lucas Salas allegedly left the bank shooting together in a car driven by a friend of Cheyenne’s.

According to Sasha Chacon, an APD cooperating witness, Goins left the pub with three men and was not seen again. The four people were awaiting the arrival of Elias Salas, Lucas Salas’ niece. The friend claimed that Cheyenne, Sasha and Lucas got into Elisa Salas’ car after she arrived during a meeting with law enforcement officials.

Cheyenne Goins
Caption: Cheyenne Goins’ dead body was found in a grave in a remote area of ​​southern Colorado (Source: Facebook)

He claimed to have left at the time and had not seen Cheyenne Goins since. Sasha Chacon was subjected to two interviews: One by APD the day Cheyenne was reported missing, and another by ACSO the day before authorities were given the go-ahead to excavate the site where they believed Cheyenne was buried.

Lucas Salas got into a shootout with the police

Elisa Salas, Lucas’ niece, was held and questioned by law enforcement authorities after Lucas Salas was killed in a gun battle with Northglenn Police. Sasha and Elisa both admitted to police that they had transported Cheyenne Goins to a location in the “wetlands” of Mount Blanca early on August 8, and that Lucas had allegedly killed Cheyenne there.

Despite the fact that the two defendants’ stories differ on a number of important occasions, this happened. The body of Cheyenne was later transferred to the location where she was eventually discovered. Both ladies claimed to have merely helped move Cheyenne’s body in various ways, while denying any role in the murder.

Among the law enforcement agencies participating in the investigation were the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Alamosa Police Department, the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office and a number of other supporting agencies.


Sasha Chacon and Elisa Salas are charged with four felonies in this case: first degree murder, aggravated robbery, tampering with a corpse and tampering with tangible evidence.

On August 18, 2021, a police shooting in Northglenn resulted in the death of Lucas Antonio Salas, a third person who lived in Alamosa and was suspected of involvement in the crime. This prevented an arrest warrant from being filed.

What was the relationship status of Cheyenne Goins?

Regarding her personal life, it was not obvious whether she was married or not. Similarly, nothing is known about her past relationships or dating activities. But Goins’ grandparents are the primary caregivers for her toddler.

CHEYENNE GOINS: Police concerned about 'full play' in connection with disappearance of 21-year-old woman |  FOX31 Denver
Cheyenne goes via FOX31 Denver

Body measurements: Height and weight

On the online domain, there is no exact information about Goin’s body measurements. Her photos show her to have a set of brown eyes and black hair.

Social Media

Goins had not used any social media until the time of her death.

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