Chad Michael Murray and his wife Sarah Roemer are expecting their third child. The couple began dating in 2014 and announced their engagement the following year. The couple have two more children, including a boy born in 2015 and a daughter born in 2017. Chad posted a photo of Sarah showing off her baby bump on Instagram with the caption, “Our third baby is on the way.” In addition, he wrote:

“Ps- please excuse the bad quality of the picture – I’m still on the IPhone 8 because I love the button and won’t give it up.” I get it when I see someone looking at my phone with button envy.”

Chad then shared the same photo on his Instagram story with the caption:

“We are expecting our third child.” We need a bigger car. “It’s minivan time.”

Children of Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer

Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer originally met in 2014 while working on the Crackle TV action thriller series Chosen. He married actress and model Sarah Roemer in 2015 after a brief courtship. His agent revealed the same year that he and Sarah were expecting their first child and expressed their joy.

In June 2015, the couple announced the birth of their first child, with Chad revealing the news on Twitter, tweeting:

“Sry This year I’m missing the @JimKellyInc charity in Buffalo. My favorite occasion to attend, but we now have a child. God’s most precious gift. Sarah and I are overjoyed and plan to spend many days enjoying family activities and watching @buffalobills football! & also @Chargers right now.”

Chad Michael Murray

Chad and Sarah welcomed their second child in March 2017, which he revealed on Instagram with a photo of the infant clutching his finger. The caption read:

“Don’t worry little girl, you can grab as hard as you want for as long as you want because I’m already yours and I’ll never let go.” I now have two amazing ladies in my life. My child and I are both quite lucky. @rooeemer.”

In 2019, the couple celebrated Chad’s 38th birthday by posting a photo of the whole family on Instagram. Chad said that he had received a lot of thanks and affection and that he appreciated everyone’s birthday wishes. He went on to say:

“More movies, series and stories to share in the future.” Thanks to my beautiful wife @rooeeemer for always making my life better. Because of you and our little children, it is more full, focused, and my heart bursts with joy.”

Chad Michael Murray

Chad and Sarah have continued to give glimpses of their love on various social media platforms. The couple is also planning a trip to Canada in 2021. With a third child on the way, the couple is still on a roll as they prepare to become parents for the third time.

Chad Michael Murray is best known for his role as Lucas Scott in the 131-episode drama series One Tree Hill. He also appeared in 14 episodes of the ABC series Agent Carter as Jack Thompson. Sarah Roemer, meanwhile, made her feature film debut in 2006 with Wristcutters: A Love Story and The Grudge 2. She rose to prominence for her roles as Leila Buchanan in NBC’s The Event and Avery Sharp in the action thriller series Chosen.

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