Ceren Alkac is best known as the wife of Jason Michael Lee, an American actor, comedian and singer. She was born in the Turkish city of Izmir. Her career is a former Turkish model and actress. She debuted in the TV series “Enormous” and the short film “After the Denim”.

Fast facts

Full name Ceren Alkac
First name Ceren
Last name Alkac
profession Celebrity wife
Nationality American
Motherland United States
Gender identity Woman
Sexual orientation Just
Marital status Married
Spouse Jason Michael Lee
Number of children 4
Net worth 1000000
Net worth $1 million
Married date 1 July 2008

Ceren and Jason’s relationship

Ceren and Jason have been married since July 1, 2008. They tied the knot in Norwalk, California. They have been in a relationship since 2007. Jason originally met Ceren during a performance in the UK in 2007. Ceren and Jason are parents to three children. Casper, their first child, was a woman. She was born in the month of August 2008. Their second child, a boy, was born in 2012. Sonny was his name. Alberta ‘Birdy Lee’, the third child, was also a girl.

She was born in the year 2017. Ceren has a stepson in addition to their own children. Her stepson’s name is Pilot Inspector Lee. On September 28, 2003, he was born from Jason’s previous relationship with Beth Riesgraf, an American actress and television director.

Was Ceren Jason’s first wife?

Ceren was not Jason Lee’s first wife. Jason married Carmen Llywelyn for the first time in 1995. In 2001, the couple separated after six years of marriage. Due to their involvement with Scientology, the couple divorced. Carmen revealed that she was labeled oppressive.

Before he became an actor, he was a skateboarder.

Before starting his acting career, Jason was a professional skateboarder. Carol Lee, his mother, inspired him to become a skateboarder. Carol bought him a skateboard when he was six years old and Jason started learning to skateboard. Jason wanted to be the best skateboarder so much that he dropped out of school.

After his girlfriend introduced him to Steve Caballero, a famous skateboarder, he became a professional player. Jason met Steve at Hermosa Beach to show off his skating skills. After seeing Jason’s skating skills, Steve offered him sponsorship at the amateur level with the SMA Rocco division. Since then he has embarked on a professional skating career. Jason is now the co-founder and co-owner of Stereo Skateboards. This company manufactures skateboard equipment and has been around since 1992.

How did Jason become interested in photography?

In an interview, Jason said that he used to skate in San Francisco with a lot of super 8 cameras and polaroid cameras. He said he bought his own camera in the early 2000s. He was already an actor at the time, so he got along well with the camera assistant and sought to learn about the lenses and film stock. He said that after gaining basic photography expertise, he started buying and playing with cameras like Bolex Super 16 millimeter, Leica M6 and Mamiya RZ 67. Photography has since become a hobby for him.

Ceren Alkac

Net worth

Ceren has a net worth of $1 million. Her acting job was her source of income, although she has not appeared in any TV shows recently. Jason Lee, her spouse, has a net worth of $20 million. Jason is paid $125,000 for each episode of the show in which he appears.

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