Early on in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Sisko beat Q, and now with a god war raging across the galaxy, Sisko round two!

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #3!Captain Benjamin Siskoof Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has just recreated his iconic Q moment. Q, Star Trek’s the almighty trickster god, made only one visit to Deep Space Nine, but it was a memorable one – mainly because Sisko beats Q and puts him out on the ground. Q never returned, but in Star Trek #3Sisko and the crew on USS Theseus runs into Q – and Sisko gets a chance at a second round.

The issue, written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Joe Eisma, colored by Lee Loughridge and written by Clayton Cowles, sees Q calling Theseuswho is on a mission to discover who is killing the godlike beings Star Trek universe. He begins by taunting the crew and putting them in bizarre and outlandish situations. Using the limited powers given to him by the prophets, Sisko is able to discover that Q is behind it. A snippet revealing Q’s previous encounters with Starfleet quotes Sisko as saying, “Q came to Deep Space 9 today. I put my fist through his face.” The action then cuts back to Sisko and Q – and once again Q is on the receiving end of Sisko’s fists. With Q on the ground, Sisko jumps forward and is ready to hit him again – but decides not to.


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The incident alluded to in the passage took place in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s first season, in the episode “Q-Less.” Q came aboard the station, bringing his brand of mischief with him. In one memorable scene, Q taunted Sisko and tried to provoke Sisko into hitting him; To Q’s surprise, Sisko did just that, punching Q square in the jaw and knocking him to the ground. Lifting himself up, Q said, “you hit me Picard never hit me, to which Sisko replied, “I’m not Picard.” It was a defining moment for Sisko, who told viewers early on Deep Space Nine Would not be The next generation. It was also Q’s only appearance on the show; he would continue to appear Star Trek: Voyager and his story came to a poignant conclusion in season two of Picard.

Sisko showed Q who was boss once – and he did it again

Star Trek Sisko Q Punch

And now, with a war of the gods raging across the galaxy, Sisko gets an opportunity for another round with Q—and he takes it, stun the entity and put him out again. Sisko’s last round with Q sent him packing and he never returned to the station. Sisko could have gone the rest of his life without seeing Q again, and now, with the stakes higher than ever, Q returns. Sisko remembers Q’s antics and plans, and has no time for them now. Still, Q is a trickster, not entirely evil, and sometimes his plans are designed to teach a lesson – and his appearance here is no different, giving Sisko insight into his crew and what he’ll need to break through to them .

Unfortunately, Q provokes strong reactions in those he encounters – among them Sisko, resulting in a knuckle sandwich for Q. The last time it happened, Sisko wouldn’t see Q again for years. Whether Q returns this time remains to be seen, but Sisko was able to get a repeat of his iconic Deep Space Nine scene – where he taught the trickster his own lesson.

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Star Trek #3 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

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