Britt Coelho works as a real estate agent. Coelho, on the other hand, is better known as the longtime girlfriend and now wife of Mexican-born dancer and music video director René Elizondo Jr.

Fast facts

Full name Britt Coelho/Britt Elizondo
Nickname British
Date of birth 1982
Age 40 years old
Birthplace Undisclosed location in the United States
Romantic orientation Heterosexual
Current residence California, United States (unconfirmed)
Current nationality American
Marital status Married to René Elizondo Jr. (2010)
Ethnicity Portuguese descent (reported)
Sex Woman
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
profession Real estate agent, businesswoman
Native language English
Net worth $500,000-600,000 (rumored)
Instagram Instagram

Britt Coelho Age, Biography

Britt Coelho, the celebrity spouse, and is currently 40 in 2023. She was born in California, USA, on December 13, 1982. Britt, on the other hand, has not yet revealed the names of her parents. Despite this, she has two brothers, Cache J Coelho and Colt Coelho.

Britt remembers her twin brothers as extremely energetic as children. The three siblings spent most of their childhood in Las Vegas.

Britt Coelho’s mother died and her father remarried

Sadly, her mother died on September 16, 2005 at the age of 48. Britt has lamented her mother’s death several times on Instagram. On that note, her mother would have turned 60 on May 2, 2017.

When did her father remarry for the second time? Was it after her mother’s death? Her parents have not been together since she was a child. Britt was about four or five years old when her father remarried. However, she was very close to both her father and her stepmother, Alicon Bates.

Britt Coelho Male

Britt Coelho & her husband Rene Elizondo Relationship History

Britt met her future husband Rene Elizondo in Las Vegas in January 2004. She also met one of her husband’s best friends, AJ McLean, at the same time. Britt, on the other hand, was the one who revealed their first meeting in an Instagram post on January 7, 2017.

Also, many people have questioned Britt’s decision to date a man almost twice her age. But they didn’t care and soon started a healthy relationship.

After almost half a decade of dating, Coelho and Rene walked down the aisle.

Britt and her boyfriend-turned-husband decided to get married in August 2010 after being in a long-term relationship for about five years. Denise Malone photographed their wedding, which took place in a small beach ceremony.

They have been married for over a decade and are still together in 2022.

The businesswoman and her husband have a child together

Britt and the Mexican-born dancer welcomed their daughter Elin Elizondo on October 9, 2011. Their only child has grown well and has started school. Elin’s first day in first grade was August 23, 2018.

Similarly, the following year, on August 22, 2019, proud mom Britt posted a photo of her daughter with the caption: “There goes our second grade!

Britt Coelho now

Britt lives in Malibu, California with her husband Rene and their daughter Elin. Furthermore, in terms of total income, she has amassed a net worth of $500,000 in 2023. She earns most of her money as a real estate agent.

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