• Love Island USA season 5 has seen constant shifts in relationship dynamics as couples make connections and break them quickly.
  • While some connections have lasted, no couples have formed entirely lasting relationships on the show so far.
  • Bergie caused drama between Carmen and Victor as Carmen became more interested in him and less interested in Victor. Ultimately, Victor was eliminated from the villa.

Love Island USA season 5 had an even more dramatic second week, following its high-intensity first week of the series. After the first huge recoupling, the first week of Love Island USA saw the cast drop down an Islander, saying goodbye to Jasmine Sklavanitis. With several Islanders left, the rest of the week was spent with relationship dynamics shifting consistently as the Islanders made connections and broke them quickly. Many of the couples have been on shaky foundation, leaving room for their relationships to continue changing up as the season continues on.

While love connections have been quick to come by on Love Island USA season 5, nothing entirely lasting has formed on Love Island as of yet. While the connection between Keenan Anunay and Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray has lasted throughout the entire season thus far, no other couples have had the same luck with longevity. Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen has connected with Anna Kurdys and Carmen Kocourek, while Leonardo Dionicio has connected with both Anna and Kassy Castillo throughout the season. With the couples shifting around, things have been changing rapidly on the second week of Love Island USA season 5.

The Couples Shifted After Jasmine’s Exit

Love Island USA Season 5

As the cast reeled from Jasmine’s exit, the couples shifted around for the first few days after her departure. All matched up, the couples were Carmen & Victor Gonzaelz, Marco & Hannah Wright, Keenan & Kay Kay, Leonardo & Anna, Bergie & Kassy, and Destiny Davis & Harrison Luna. Keenan & Kay Kay and Destiny & Harrison stayed stable throughout the week, getting to know each other better as their time on the island continued. Meanwhile, the rest of the couples weren’t as certain about their futures together.

While Carmen had wanted to try things with Victor after her initial date with Marco wasn’t interesting to her, her connection with Victor didn’t seem like it was creating sparks. With Carmen more interested in Bergie, Victor was concerned as he wasn’t finding any real love connections on Love Island. Meanwhile, Leonardo and Kassy had initially paired up during their time in the villa, but Leonardo decided to make the switch during the first recoupling to see what sparked between himself and Anna. As the week continued on, Anna was falling more each day, while Leo began to regret his choice.

Leonardo Found Himself Stuck Between Anna And Kassy

At the start of the week, Leonardo had recoupled from Kassy to Anna. He decided that though he was still interested in Kassy, he wanted to see what there was between himself and Anna, who had been expressing her interest for him throughout their first week in the villa. This move hurt Kassy, who was still feeling like her only possible connection in the house was going to be with Leonardo. While Anna was apologetic, she was happy to see what was happening between herself and Leonardo after flirting with him throughout the entire first week. Anna disregarded the fact that Kassy was hurt, hoping to connect with Leonardo.

While things were going well for Anna and Leonardo, Kassy wasn’t finished with her own relationship yet. After licking her wounds and seeing if she could connect with Bergie on another level, Kassy decided that she wasn’t finished with Leonardo and did her best to reconnect with him. Leonardo, whose connection with Anna wasn’t quite what he expected, was quick to come back to Kassy when she showed interest. The pair decided that they were better together than apart, but did so behind Anna’s back where she was able to hear them. The fallout from Leonardo and Kassy’s reconciliation will surely be a sore spot for Anna moving forward.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Hosted A Competition For The Islanders

Montage of Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix smiling on Love Island USA

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix, who’s a noted Love Island fan, joined in on the fun and paid the Islanders a visit just as things got spicy. Ariana has been dealing with one of the most public relationship scandals in recent history after her long-term partner Tom Sandoval cheated on her with her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast mate Raquel Leviss. After handling the drama, she’s been able to spin something traumatic in her favor and has had the chance to appear on one of her favorite TV shows. Ariana was invited to host a competition on one of the recent episodes of Love Island USA.

The competition that Ariana hosted challenged the Islanders to match answers with their partners to questions about themselves and their relationships. The couple who matched the most answers, Marco & Hannah, were granted immunity from the public vote that would put one couple in jeopardy of elimination. Marco & Hannah weren’t the only couple who benefited from Ariana’s visit, though, as they had to choose a second couple to be saved from the public vote. Taking into consideration the amount of time that the couples had together, Marco & Hannah chose to save Anna & Leonardo, as they wanted to give them time to get to know each other.

Bergie Got Between Carmen And Victor, Causing Huge Drama

Image of Bergie and Victor from Love Island USA Season 5

Throughout the week, Bergie and Carmen were getting to know each other despite the fact that she was coupled up with Victor. Victor was interested in pursuing Carmen, as he had yet to make a genuine connection throughout his time on Love Island USA. Though Victor was hoping to pursue something, Carmen was finding herself less and less interested in Victor as time went on, and grew closer to Bergie. Though she wasn’t sure that Bergie was going to be the right fit for her either, Carmen clearly had more interest in trying things out with him than in staying with Victor.

When Bergie brought up the potential match, believing Carmen had spoken to Victor about it, it became clear that nobody was on the same page regarding who Carmen wanted to pursue. Victor took his anger out on Bergie, who was simply trying to cover all his bases in talking to both Victor and Carmen. When Carmen found out, she tried to have all three parties speak and clear the air, but it didn’t turn out well for either party. Carmen and Bergie, who had yet to even begin to explore their match, had to continually deal with Victor’s anger over the miscommunication.

The Islanders Voted To Dump One Of Their Own

After Ariana’s visit to Love Island USA, the Islanders knew that a public vote and elimination would be quick to follow. While Marco & Hannah and Leonardo & Anna weren’t included in the public vote, the choice for Love Island viewers felt like there was an obvious choice for who would ultimately be leaving the villa. The public vote was announced to the Islanders over texts, where they learned that Carmen and Victor would be the couple eligible for elimination after they received the least amount of votes. The Islanders had to choose which of the couple would be leaving between themselves and found themselves stumped as they deliberated.

The other Islanders were quick to make their cases about who should stay and who should go, but rather than reaching a quick decision, they were split down the middle about who they should save. Many felt that it made sense to save Victor, as even though he hadn’t made a lasting connection in the villa, he’d been there the longest and was trying to build relationships. Others felt that because Carmen was trying to connect with Bergie, it only made sense that she should get the chance to stay. Ultimately, Carmen was chosen to stay, while Victor was eliminated from the Love Island USA villa.

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