The team comps for Genshin impact‘s Alhaitham is surprisingly flexible, despite being a strictly Dendro-based DPS. First introduced alongside the Sumeru region in version 3.0, Alhaitham was added as a playable character in 3.4.

Due to the different strong reactions Dendro brought since he was added, teams are based around these reactions in several meta builds. Team comps for the 5 star Dendro character should center around Alhaitham’s abilities Genshin impact to cause Hyperbloom and Burgeon. Fortunately, there is an ample roster of characters to choose from and adapt to each player’s preferred playstyle or available roster.


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Alhaitham’s best teammate proves Genshin impact‘s Dendro Resonance is too good to ignore

Alhaitham’s best team entered Genshin impact should center around Hyperbloom and Burgeon, so the team should have at least one Hydro character and either an Electro or Pyro unit to trigger said reactions. An additional Dendro character for the Elemental Resonance bonus is the last slot, and an important one as it increases Elemental Mastery by 50 for each party member. According to GameWiththere is no specific element to be attributed to a particular role as long as the various Dendro-based reactions i Genshin impact is created, the team should be fine.

Best Genshin impact Sub-DPS for an Alhaitham team

Genshin Impact's Raiden Shogun holds her signature polar arm Engulfing Lightning as she looks at the camera.  In the background is a blurred Inazuma Island at sunset.

The sub-DPS role for Alhaitham’s team comp i Genshin impact is extremely flexible. The most beneficial ones are those that can continuously deal off range damage while triggering elemental reactions. As such, characters like Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko thrive with Alhaitham. Both Electro characters can trigger Spread with his Elemental Skill, but also Hyperbloom if Bloom has already been set by a Hydro character.

Of course, the sub-DPS can also be the character that sets up the initial Bloom reaction, and the best ones for an Alhaitham team company are Yelan and Xingqiu, due to their constant use off the lane. A few free to play Genshin impact options for this role would be Fischl due to Oz’s Electro presence off lane, and Xiangling who can cause Burgeon through her Elemental Skill and Burst off lane.

Best Genshin impact Healer for an Alhaitham team

Genshin Impacts Kokomi on the battlefield with two Sangonomiya resistance soldiers with him, one on each side.  The sky is dark and cloudy as a few drops of rain fall and her signature bubbles float around.

The best team comps for Alhaitham i Genshin impact tend not to involve a shield so a good healer is a good fallback. Genshin impact‘s Kokomi Sangonomiya is the obvious choice for players who didn’t choose a Hydro sub-DPS, as she should be the one creating Dendro Cores with the Bloom reaction.

A good Alhaitham replacement for Kokomi is a well built Barbara. With her Elemental Skill, she can constantly have Hydro application going while also healing the active character. A C6 Barbara in Genshin impact would even fully revive a fallen character, making her an ideal choice for Alhaitham’s team comp and a reassuring presence for those who might have trouble optimizing their mechanics in harder content.

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For an Alhaitham team where the sub-DPS is a Hydro character like Yelan, players should choose a Pyro or Electro healer. Bennett is a solid pick due to his constant Pyro application on the field with his Elemental Burst. However, a C6 Bennett is not a good choice because players need to keep Alhaitham’s attack infused with Dendro to provoke the reaction. In the event that the desired reaction is Hyperbloom, Kuki Shinobu will take care of the player’s needs with both a reliable source of healing and a running off-field electro application. However, remember that Kuki Shinobu is built-in Genshin impact can be tricky.

Best Dendro Support For Alhaitham’s Team Comp

Genshin Impact's Nahida stares forward as she sits on her elemental swing.

A Dendro character is optimal in Alhaitham’s best team comps to increase reaction options while also gaining the Elemental Resonance boost. The strongest option is Nahida, Dendro Archon of Sumeru. Nahida is also a great off-field sub-DPS, easily spreading Dendro reactions among many different opponents. With her, players have a solid source of damage output, extra Dendro reactions, and special buffs from her Elemental Burst.

Genshin impact‘s F2P Dendro character Collei also fits as a support role in Alhaitham’s team comps. At a similar power level, players can also use Dendro Traveler as a support character for the team. None of these options will do amazing damage, but building them and their constellations is probably much easier than waiting for Nahida for them without her.

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Alhaitham’s best free-to-play teams in Genshin impact

Genshin Impact's Barbara poses amicably in Mondstadt.

It is also possible to make useful F2P team comps for Alhaitham. For the team’s sub-DPS, players should look at Fischl, Xingqiu, or Xiangling. The 4-star healer can be Kuki Shinobu, Barbara, Bennett or Yaoyao; just remember, players should avoid repeating non-Dendro items. For the Elemental Resonance buff, players can either use Collei or Dendro Traveler’s kit. In the event that Yaoyao was the chosen healer, they can use another of the recommended sub-DPS to fill the extra slot.

Because of how Alhaitham operates on the field, there are many options for players to choose from. Finding the best team composition for Alhaitham is a matter of identifying a preferred playstyle and assessing available characters on a given player’s roster. Alhaitham can trigger very powerful reactions with his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, making him an enticing submission on the field Genshin impact.

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Source: GameWith, Genshin Impact/YouTube

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