Uses Quagsire’s best built-in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Tera Raid battles can be an effective way to survive through more strenuous activities while consistently doing a decent amount of damage. Johtonian Wooper’s classic evolution is known for its robustness and reliable moveset, which can be super effective against many opponents and their respective types. While Quagsire’s Water and Ground type gives it a 4x weakness to Grass-type moves, it has four different resistances.


Because of how it’s built, Quagsire’s performance in Tera Raids can be game-changing. Generation 2 Pokémon are considered to be one of the best allies against Greninja’s Tera Raid i Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, provided the opponent does not know the grass-type move, Trailblaze. Regardless of Quagsire’s real effectiveness against Gen 7 Ninja Pokémon, its build can still be used throughout many other Tera Raid activities in Paldea. Unfortunately, only one Quagsire can be obtained in the game, so players should consider its build properly before leveling it to 100.

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Best stats and nature for Quagsire

Once players have obtained the Johtonian Wooper by trading a Paldean Wooper with an NPC in the town of Cascarrafa, they should raise it to level 50 to evolve it into Quagsire and be able to train it to reach its maximum potential. To use Quagsire sufficiently i Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for Tera Raid matches, the EV (Effort Value) must train its HP and Attack stats to the max (252 points distributed to each stat), with the remaining four points applied to the defense stats. This will give it an increased survivability rate and enough damage output to make a difference in Tera Raids.

To further boost Quagsire’s build, the Pokémon’s Nature should be set to Adamant. This will increase its attack stat while lowering its special attack stat. Because of its eventual moveset, sacrificing Special Attack to improve Attack is extremely beneficial. If not already Adamant, players must use an Adamant Mint in it Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to reach the desired Nature. Players must then proceed to the snowy town of Montenevera to IV (individual value) and train Quagsire’s stats to the maximum. The priority should be HP, Attack and Defense. Players with extra bottle caps can hyper-train Pokémon’s special defense and speed stats.

Best ability for Quagsire

A Quagsire in the Pokémon anime smiles steadily in front, while the head of an angry Walrein appears behind it.

According to Game 8, the best ability for Quagsire to have in his Tera Raid build is Water Absorb. This gives it absolute immunity to water-type moves and allows it to recover HP whenever it is hit by an offensive move of that type. With it, Quagsire can continuously restore HP if the opponent knows many Water-type moves. Another powerful option is to activate Quagsire’s Hidden Ability i Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with an Ability patch to gain Ignorant. While discarding the remedial bonus Water Absorb provides, Unaware allows the Pokémon to hit while ignoring the opponent’s stat changes. For example, if it faces a Pokémon that constantly boosts its defense, this will be a boon to Quagsire.

Best items for Quagsire

Quagsire who participates in the Marine Athletic Race in the Pokémon anime.

Reflecting its recovery-focused Tera Raid build, Quagsire should equip Held Items that give it additional healing. Game 8 recommends that it use Leftovers. This item will restore Quagsire’s HP by 1/16 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn, making it a reliable source of healing. As is natural, players can replace leftovers with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Shell Bell, which can heal up to ⅛ of the damage it deals. The only downside is that the Quagsire won’t regain HP unless it hits the opponent. The type-enhancing item Soft Sand is also a good choice, especially for players who want a more aggressive build for Quagsire in Tera Raids.

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Best Tera Type for Quagsire in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

A pair of Quagsire smiling in the tall grass in the Pokémon anime

Quagsire has an impressive list of water-like moves it can learn, but due to its physical attack specialty, as opposed to its special attack lack, it is better utilized with ground-type moves. This also makes choosing the Tera type much easier. Therefore, Quagsire should be a Ground Tera-type for its Tera Raid build, further increasing its Ground-type STAB (Same-type attack bonus) moves. It is not as strong as a few other Ground types Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Tera Raids, but due to its typing, it can be a strategic choice that can survive the early stages of the fight and wipe out enemies in the later stages when Terrastalized.

Best Moveset for Quagsire in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Quagsire's sprite from Pokémon Home raises his left paw while smiling.  Behind it is a stream of blue and white energy and blurred in the background is a Tera Raid cave.

When all the preparation is done and the Pokémon is leveled to 100 inches Scarlet and Violetcan players consider the best moveset for Quagsire’s Tera Raid build. Game 8 recommend that it open up any fight with the Ghost-type Egg Move Curse, which will increase its attack and defense stats at the expense of its speed. Earthquake should be its spammable STAB move, while Rock Tomb is an alternate cover move. Recover is a great move to heal it and keep it in play longer so the Tera Raid gauge doesn’t drop too much, but it’s also an Egg Move. Because getting Egg moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet requires an extra step before actual stat building, players who already have an advanced Quagsire can modify an Egg Move for Amnesia.

The Psychic-type status move boosts its special defense stat and gives it additional protection, as defense is its main defense stat. Its second egg trait can also be replaced by a few other traits. For example, learning it Bulldoze will give it an additional STAB move that takes advantage of its attack stats and also slows the opponent’s speed. It could also learn Ice Punch, giving it cover for its grass-type weakness – although players shouldn’t face any grass-types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Tera Raids with Quagsire in the first round.

Quagsire’s Tera Raid build is similar to Clodsire’s, one of them Scarlet and Violet‘s most underrated Pokémon. While the Johtonian evolution has better distributed stats and more focus on defense, the Paldean Clodsire has better HP, Attack and Special Defense. Players are free to switch between both, but should consider that Quagsire has a severe weakness to grass-type moves. Nevertheless, it is a fine creature to use in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Tera Raids due to its survivability and general type resistance.

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Source: Pokémon/YouTube, Game 8

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