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Using Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s best Lucario build for Tera Raids can be a ticket to success in the activities introduced with Generation 9’s Paldea region. Originally from the Generation 4 Sinnoh region, Pokémon is a fan-favorite creature for many reasons. In addition to its striking canine and humanoid hybrid design and being one of Champion Cynthia’s strongest and most fearsome allies, it has impressive stats and fantastic typing that give it many important opponents on the field.


Because of its immense strength, Lucario has even stolen the spotlight in the anime as one of Ash’s most trusted Pokémon. In the new Nintendo Switch games, it’s a pretty common creature to get. Because of its power and how easy it is to get, many players have been looking for Lucario’s best Tera Raid. On top of that, many fans enjoy having teams of dog Pokémon, so Lucario is a mandatory choice.

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Use Lucario’s special attack

Lucario’s best build consists of taking full advantage of its best base stats. Despite being a Fighting and Steel-type Pokémon, which would normally indicate its physical prowess, Lucario excels at Special Attack rather than overt Attack, so this is the main stat players should focus on for their build. Special Attack and HP are the two stats to be maximized via EV (Effort Value) Training, with the remaining points invested in Special Defense. As pointed out by Game 8should its nature be set to Modest, to further increase special attack stats at the expense of attack.

If it doesn’t already have that Nature set, players must use one of those Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Modest Mints to change that. Fortunately, these items can be easily found throughout Paldea and even purchased at Chansey Supply stores throughout the region. In terms of abilities, Game 8 recommends that Lucario’s Tera Raid build has the Steadfast gear. The ability increases the user’s speed stat every time it dodges, which can give it striking priority if it ever dodges. As a direct opposite alternative, players can also have Lucario use Inner Focus to completely avoid shaking due to opponents’ moves. Only its hidden ability, called Justified, should be avoided as it is insufficient for this build.

This is because Justified increases the attack stat with each Dark-type hit Lucario suffers, and since the focus of Lucario’s Ter Raid build is on Special Attack, the ability is completely useless. In the event that it has justified as its previously set ability, players will have to flip the hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with an Ability Patch item. These are obtained as a rare drop from completed Tera Raids. After players have EV-trained, IV-trained (also known as hyper-trained) in Montenevera, and leveled Lucario to 100 with the right nature, they should consider the held item they want it to equip for battles.

Circling back to Lucario’s special attack, Wise Glasses is an excellent item to hold that boosts stats by 10%. However, depending on Lucario’s specific moveset on the field, a Black Belt might actually be a better choice as it increases Fighting-type moves by 20%. Another alternative to Lucario’s Tera Raid build is the Clear Amulet. It prevents the user’s stats from dropping due to the opponent’s moves or abilities. This is especially great for higher level activities and can easily be purchased at Mesagoza’s Delibird Presents i Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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The best Lucario Tera Raid build is to make it a Fighting Tera type. It can smash through Steel, Ice, Dark, and Rock type Pokémon while boasting resistance to them all. However, making it a Steel Tera type is not recommended because it would be great against the many fey types in it Scarlet and Violet, its primary Fighting type makes it weak against them. While a Steel Terastallization would be great, getting it ready for the entire fight while staying alive would be a nightmare.

Lucario’s best moveset for Tera Raids

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Lucario Pokédex entry.

Due to its Fighting Tera type, Lucario’s moveset should reflect that. While not its signature move, Aura Sphere is the main spammable STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) move that players want in Lucario’s Tera Raid build. Before then though, they should boost his stats with Status moves such as Calm Mind. It’s not one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violets powerful move, but it boosts Lucario’s special attack and special defense stats, an extremely beneficial action in Tera Raid encounters.

Game 8 recommend installing Lucario’s Tera Raid Scarlet and Violet has extra type cover with both Dragon Pulse and Meteor Mash. While Dragon Pulse is a nice move, players should consider changing his signature Meteor Mash to Flash Cannon. The Steel-type move uses the Special Attack stat, unlike Meteor Mash, which uses the Attack stat. Not only that, but Flash Cannon also has a chance to lower the opponent’s Special Defense. A strong finalizer that can replace either Dragon Pulse or Flash Cannon is Steel Beam. This is an ideal move to finish off the opposing Pokémon and it is a STAB move.

But players who want to take full advantage of Lucario’s Fighting type enter Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its chosen Fighting Tera type should actually consider Focus Blast. The low accuracy rate makes up for it with a devastating blow that can be the one to wipe out the opponent. While Lucario’s best build for Tera Raids is focused on Special Attack stats and Fighting type, it’s important to point out that it can learn many different moves – it can even learn Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball, which are effective as counters to its natural mental weakness. Of course, its use in Psychic Tera Raids is discouraged.

Although not as effective as Iron Hands in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a robust Lucario build in Tera Raids can be an excellent replacement for the overused Paradox Pokémon. Its moveset is also quite easy to build due to its flexibility and the fact that none of the required moves come from the games breeding process. As such, having Lucario as a Fighting-type Tera Raid attacker is an excellent choice Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players.

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Source: YouTube/The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel, Game 8

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